Buff All the Overwatch Ultimates!

Overwatch9 - Buff All the Overwatch Ultimates!

McCree: Deadeye now targets through barriers, walls, and other obstacles.

Tracer: now carries 5 Pulse Bombs.

Hanzo: Dragonstrike can now be used while Storm Arrows is active, summoning a maximum of 14 dragons.

Genji: Dragonblade now teleports you behind an enemy. Genji says “nothing personnel, kid”.

Sombra: players hit by EMP are disconnected from the server and lose half of their SR.

Reaper: enemies killed by Death Blossom no longer respawn.

Bastion: his Tank Configuration transforms you into the Tank hero of your choice.

Junkrat: getting killed while Rip-Tire is active results in an automatic victory.

Widowmaker: players detected by Infrasight can be shot through walls.

Pharah: activating Barrage makes Pharah immune to damage until she finishes saying “justice rains from above”.

Symmetra: activating Photon Barrier removes half of the map from existence.

Torbjorn: players can now customize Molten Core and change it to whatever color they want.

Mei: the slow and freeze effects of Blizzard now persist in the targeted area until a new drone is deployed elsewhere.

Doomfist: Meteor Strike can now be used to cleanse all CC effects, including death.

Ashe: B.O.B. now enters the battlefield with the rest of the Deadlock Gang.

Soldier 76: Tactical Visor grants the entire team with aimbot.


Reinhardt: Earthshatter now breaks barriers and knocks down all enemies behind them.

Orisa: Supercharger now provides the same healing, damage reduction, and damage boost of a Nano Boost.

Winston: activating Primal Rage now summons all the angry monkeys from Horizon Lunar Colony.

Wrecking Ball: Minefield mines that fail to explode now turn into aggressive, miniature Wrecking Balls.

D.Va: Self-Destruct’s explosion now creates a radioactive field that deals damage over time to enemies who enter the area.

Roadhog: Whole Hog now causes a bleeding effect that persists until death.

Zarya: Graviton Surge now acts like a fu*king black hole and kills everyone.

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Mercy: activating Valkyrie disables all of Mercy’s nerfs and brings her back to her full potential.

Zenyatta: no longer has an ultimate. Transcendence is now a Passive Ability.

Lucio: Sound Barrier now emits a loud noise that disorients players wearing headphones.

Brigitte: Rally now resurrects all heroes who are part of the GOATS comp.

Moira: enemies hit by Coalescence are afflicted with a permanent anti-heal effect.

Ana: the Nano Boosted player is knocked unconscious by an OWL player who then takes over for the rest of the game.


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