[CONCEPT] “Assassins vs Templars” | Creative feedback/tips needed

Overwatch1 - [CONCEPT] "Assassins vs Templars" | Creative feedback/tips needed

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I have been working on this gamemode on and off for about a year now and I feel like I should finally finish it. I have tried many different variations and versions to see what is possible and more importantly what is fun.

Individual abilities, gameplay elements, hero limitations and map choices have all been tried before but I just cannot find the right combination for the final result.

Here is a short explanation of the gamemode.

Assassins vs Templars

General description:

"A team of assassins and a team of templars are put against each other in a battle of wits and dexterity. Each team has their own goals to complete and thus win the round."(note: a lot of the things I suggest can be switched around, tweaked and remade if need be.)

Team 1: Assassins

A team of cunning murderers set out on a mission to kill the that the templars are protecting.

Heroes: Genji (and possibly Hanzo?)

Goals: (some of which will result in a win)

  1. Take out the templars
  2. Kill the
  3. Don't get captured by the templars (if you die as an assassins you can respawn a limited amount of times)

Team 2: Templars

A team of royal guards given the mission to escort the safely to his/her destination, at all costs…

Heroes: Brigitte/Reinhard? (and/or possibly Hanzo?)

Goals: (some of which will result in a win)

  1. Capture all the assassins (if you manage to capture all assassins instead of killing them they cannot respawn)
  2. Kill all assassins
  3. Protect the and reach the safezone
  4. Don't get killed by the assassins

Alright that was all pretty much the core concept of this gamemode.

I would really like to hear from you what you think is the right combination for a fun loadout, assassin or templar, doesn't matter.

with that said, here are:

The Abilities (oh god)

To clarify, these lists are for abilities that COULD be added together to make a playable character.

(Note: Many (like 75%) of these abilities have been tested in individual workshop modes before. I will indicate which ones in the list below.)

Assassin abilities

  • Grapple hook Tested, works really well
    • Like Widowmaker, or like
      mYCZsRY - [CONCEPT] "Assassins vs Templars" | Creative feedback/tips neededPathfinder
  • Rooftop runner Tested, works and plays like a charm
    • Being able to grab onto roofs that you would normally slide off of.
  • Walljump/climb Tested partially
    • Basically just an extended wall-climb, or being able to hang still mid climb
  • Backstab Tested, works great, maybe a little too great
    • Whenever you are behind someone, a red skull like Mccree's ultimate appears on their head, this means you can melee them for an insta-kill. Think of the Team fortress 2 spy backstab (still looking for ways to make it less OP).
  • Decoy Tested, doesn't work as well as i hoped
    • Either a thing that you throw, or a small timed explosive you put down and plays a sound.
  • Poison dart Doesn't really need testing
    • Pretty straight forward, just a damage over time upon shuriken hit.
  • Hiding Tested, works great
    • In bushes or other props like under beds or in closets. Using a third person camera and the status effect "knocked down" you can lay down like Junkrats emote. if player outlines are enabled, it might be smart to also add invisibility as long as you are in the bush.
  • Smoke bomb Not completely functional yet
    • Everyone knows that the basic smoke effect is really ineffective to obscure someone's vision, so I might just make it that you cannot see what's behind and/or in the smoke.
  • Swift in the shadows Tested on bots, needs tweaking
    • Whenever you are out of sight from any enemies and remain hidden in the shadows, your sneaking speed is greatly increased. (inspiration taken from the Revenant)
  • Throw a rock 🙂 Tested
    • Chuck a single shuriken at someone. Might sounds a bit basic but this plays into one of the Templar abilities.
  • Corner-of-your-eye invisibility Needs testing
    • Alright hear me out, as long as you sit still and someone isn't (semi-)directly looking at you, you are invisible. This of course doesn't work when people get too close, but it kinda works like camouflage from far away.
  • Stalking Not yet tested
    • very experimental, but it works similar to Ghostface from Dead by daylight. When you stalk someone and look at them long enough without getting spotted, you gain certain buffs. Maybe you can see them through walls, or you deal more damage to them…

Alright, half way there. If you feel like this list is incomplete, be sure to share any idea's that come to mind.


Templar abilities

  • Suckerpunch (Hanzo) Tested
    • A well thrown punch is certain to deal some damage. Hitting someone with this will knock them down (or out) for a moment so they can be dealt with later.
  • "Gotta catch them all" Tested, works well, but visuals don't work
    • When a certain attack would be fatal, an assassin gets knocked out instead of killed. Whenever they are in this state, other assassins can revive their brother to half health. Furthermore, the Templars have the option to either kill the assassin or to try and catch all the other assassins (<- this will result in a win for the Templars).
  • Spotting Not yet tested
    • You squint your eyes and uncover what lies just out of sight.Countering the "corner-of-your-eye" ability (and stalker), anyone you spot will be highlighted for a short period of time to everyone in your team.
  • Oil lantern Not yet tested
    • You take out your trusty lantern and hold it out in front of you (or put it on the ground?) to create a source of light that wards off assassins hiding in the shadows. Whenever you use this lantern you cannot use your primary weapon to defend yourself and your movement speed is slightly decreased.(experimental) Placing the lantern down, it can be destroyed by a well thrown rock from one of the assassins, spilling burning oil on the ground.
  • Pin down (Hanzo) Tested, not functional yet
    • A modified arrow with great velocity is powerful enough to cripple someone and pin them to anything it comes across. (Inspiration taken from
      Divinity 2: Original Sin)
  • Shield bash (Brigitte) Not yet tested
    • Deals a great amount of damage to the enemy, knocking them back. This however damages your shield greatly, only allowing for a limited number of uses.
  • Pocketsand Not yet tested
    • As a final feat of disrespect you reach in your pocket and lob a heap of dust into the enemies eyes. This blinds the assassin for a short period as they are left defenseless for a quick hit.
  • Razors edge Not yet tested
    • Hitting an assassin in the foot or leg with this arrow will leave them injured if they don't tend to their wounds quickly. This slows them and disables their climb (too much?)
  • Bloodhound
    • Like a well trained hunter you inspect the surroundings looking for any trail left behind. You can track footsteps from max 30 (?) seconds ago.

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