Crazy but possible theory on the D.Va skin that will “break the internet”: a tie in with a real-life K-pop group

Overwatch6 - Crazy but possible theory on the D.Va skin that will "break the internet": a tie in with a real-life K-pop group

Okay, I know that title sounds crazy, but hear me out.

So, Jeff Kaplan said on stream around the time of Archives beginning that D.Va would be getting a skin for anniversary that would "break the internet". Many suspected something like a magical girl skin that would be well-liked but still in the realm of normal legendary skins. I, however, think something more is happening.

Let's take a jump over to the world of k-pop. I know many of you probably recoiled from that sentence, but bear with me:

In January, South Korean entertainment company 1theK debuted a new k-pop girl group, Cherry Bullet. They debuted with the

. At around 12 seconds in, Jiwon picks up an object that should be familiar to all of you: a D.Va light gun, covered in sequins. If you look up the Nerf version of the light gun, it is unmistakably identical to the one featured in the video.

There is no way that 1theK put that in there without contacting Blizzard. Overwatch is popular enough in South Korea that the gun would probably be sold there, so they would know that it was associated with a game from a pretty major publisher. And if they didn't ask, Blizzard probably would have hauled 1theK into court by now over copyright infringement. (Nerf has permission to use the gun, 1theK wouldn't… unless they asked.) Out of everything in the massive gaming aesthetic of the Q&A video, the D.Va gun is the only thing I could detect that was really part of a specific game. Why would that be?


My speculation went into overdrive when it was announced that Cherry Bullet would be releasing a new album before the end of May. Around the end of May… isn't that when Anniversary begins? Hmm…

Another thing: Blizzard seems to highly value outreach into South Korea (see the heavy promotion of the game in South Korea around the release of the Busan map), and promoting with a K-pop group. Most of the really big groups already have deals with brands related to tech (for example, Blackpink has a deal with Samsung to promote their phones). 1theK is a smaller company compared to the big ones in k-pop, and it's reasonable that they wouldn't have made a deal that could conflict with Blizzard yet.

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So, here's what I propose: D.Va will get some skin similar to K/DA in LoL that somehow promotes Cherry Bullet as well. The deal would give Overwatch a boost in popularity in South Korea, and help out Cherry Bullet by introducing them to a new audience.

I probably sound insane right now, and I honestly kind of am. But for all we know, it could happen! What do you all think?

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