D.va Mystery Egg Re-write!

Overwatch4 - D.va Mystery Egg Re-write!

Code (v6.1.2): 2DYNC

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When I wrote the original DME back in the Workshop PTR, I had legitimately no clue what I was doing. I've wanted to do a rewrite for quite a while but felt like I had no real excuse to do so. Now that the Workshop Extensions have come out, I felt like now was the perfect time! For Version 6.0, I decided to rewrite the entire mode from scratch and try to make it a bit more complete in a way that I never felt it had been before. I hope you enjoy!

D.va Mystery Egg

In D.va Mystery Egg, more commonly referred to simply as D.va Egg, everyone plays as D.va. However, something isn't quite right… I don't think it's D.va piloting that mech… Who is it…? You'll have to crack it open and find out!

Mech Pilot HUD

In the top-left corner of the screen while in-mech, you will now be able to see what hero you will come out as. On the top right, you can also see what heroes your teammates will come out as, and their Call Mech charge.

The teammate Mech Pilot HUD is color coded. Teammates whose names are Pink are In-Mech. Teammates whose names are Blue, Yellow, or Red are Out-of-Mech, with the colors being indicative of their amount of charge.


When you de-mech, your hero will be replaced by the hero indicated in the Mech Pilot HUD. De-meching can be done manually by spamming the Ultimate key while in mech to damage it until it explodes, or simply by fighting other heroes until it is destroyed naturally.


When your Call Mech Charge reaches 100%, you will be able to use Call Mech by hitting the Interact key. A physical mech (a dummy D.va bot) will fall from the sky and drop in front of you, which your hero will then walk towards and get inside. The mech itself deals 50 damage to players within a radius of 5.

Note that this can still be a little bit wonky. You will have to find a suitable place to drop the mech.

Call Mech Cancelling

The re-mech process can be cancelled by any stun abilities used on your hero (not the mech itself). Additionally, the mech can be destroyed by other players at any point during your re-mech process. This also cancels the re-mech. When your Call Mech is cancelled by any means, you will have to charge your Call Mech again from 50%.



When you've been out-of-mech for too long, your hero will explode. This happens when your Call Mech charge reaches 300%. As you approach this value, the color of your Call Mech meter will change from Blue to Yellow to Red, indicating charge percentages of <100%, >100%, and >250%. Above 250%, you will be warned that you are about to explode, and a looped sound will play. Above 290%, this sound repeats much faster. This feature replaces Burnout from older versions of D.va Mystery Egg.

Failed Re-Mech Penalty

If your Call Mech is cancelled for any reason, you will be penalized. For the first cancel, 75% extra Mech Charge will be added once your mech's charge hits 100%. For the second cancel, 150% charge will be added. Any number of cancellations after two will penalize you 190%, bringing your total charge up to 290% immediately. This was done in order to prevent throwing your mech off of a cliff in order to stay the same hero for longer.

Worth Noting

As of v6.0, this mode is 5v5. This was done to incorporate the Workshop Extensions to their fullest effect.

Known Issues (v6.1.2)

  • Switching teams will often cause the server to close due to excessive Workshop script load. The only workaround for this at the moment is to swap players to spectator before putting them on the other team.
  • Switching teams causes some elements of the HUD to disappear or stop functioning properly. This is a current bug within the Workshop itself. The solution is the same as the previously listed issue. Unfortunately, this also means I cannot test what kinds of HUD issues may currently exist from the normal switching of teams.
  • The mech may rarely fall through the map. I've tried several methods to prevent this from occuring, and, for the most part, it shouldn't. but I am aware that it still does under certain circumstances.

View changelog on the Elo Hell Workshop site here

Older Versions

  • v5.1.0: 90JYJ
  • v3.3.0: S4HX6

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