D&D alignments for each character

Overwatch1 - D&D alignments for each character

I'm a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs, so I was wondering which alignments would Overwatch characters have in a D&D setting. Here are my conclusions:

  • Ana: Chaotic Good. Previously an officer for Overwatch, she lost almost everything the day Widowmaker shot her in the eye. MIA for a long time, she returned to bring justice and goodness to the world in her own terms, along with Soldier:76. She doesn't abide by the rules, thus making her CG.

  • Ashe: Neutral Evil. As the current leader of the Deadlock Gang, she's all about others following her orders and looking up to her, but she only obeys the code when it suits her. Since she's also a criminal who only acts for her own benefit, she's also evil.

  • Baptiste: Chaotic Good. He's an ex-member of Talon who tries to find redemption by bringing bandages for the heroes and bullets for the villains. We don't know if he'll ask Overwatch for aid or will join them, so for now his alignment is CG.

  • Bastion: True Neutral. It's an oddity among other Bastions, as it has developed sentience and doesn't want to kill humans anymore. Nowadays it travels with Torbjörn so we don't know if it will lean towards good or not in the future, so for now it remains in the TN domain.

  • Brigitte: Lawful Good. She's the squire of Reinhardt, playing a bit like Sancho Panza to Don Quixote. She fights for the same reasons Reinhardt does, although she tries to protect Reinhardt more than the world itself.

  • Doomfist: Lawful Evil. He is one of the leaders of Talon. There isn't much more to say.

  • D.Va: Neutral Good. She's currently protecting Korea from the omnics, meaning that she gravitates towards goodness. But, in addition, it seems like she can break the rules sometimes (as evidenced by her conversation with her engineer), so that makes her NG.

  • Genji: Lawful Good. A previous Chaotic Neutral who only wanted to have fun and damn everything else, his alignment changed when Hanzo almost killed him. At first, he changed to Lawful Neutral, as he only followed the orders that he got from Blackwatch and Overwatch as a whole. He was focused on revenge and full of self-hatred and rage, but when he met Zenyatta he accepted his dual nature and changed for the good. He got Winston's message so probably will rejoin Overwatch, making him a LG.

  • Hanzo: Chaotic Neutral. Previously Lawful Evil, he was a troubled man who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and rule the Shimada clan. Since they were Yakuza, they were obviously evil (even almost killing his younger brother for not wanting to join him). Since that, he has tried to atone for it and has nothing to do with the clan, so he falls in the CN domain.

  • Junkrat: Chaotic Neutral. He just wants to survive in the unforgiving post-apocaliptic Australia by robbing and sometimes getting proper jobs along with Roadhog. It would seem like he's a Chaotic Evil, but sometimes there are things even him won't do as seen in his comic.

  • Lúcio: Chaotic Good. He's the perfect example of a Chaotic Good, rebelling against Vishkar and the law in order to improve people's lives. Good thing he's a music superstar too.

  • McCree: Chaotic Good. Previously Lawful Evil, and then Lawful Neutral. He was an outlaw who almost got into prison but ended up serving in Blackwatch, so he followed orders (Lawful), these being good or evil. Later on he abandoned Blackwatch and fought for goodness in his own terms.

  • Mei: Lawful Good. She's a scientist who tries to help Earth by doing everything she can. She also abides by the rules so that makes her a LG.

  • Mercy: Lawful Good. Since always, she's been a doctor who has tried to help everyone she could. Even after Overwatch's fall, she has still gone around the world helping people.

  • Moira: Chaotic Neutral. She's, like Mercy, a doctor, but she's focused on investigation and the general progress of science. She tries to advance medicine by any means, even if means to harm people. But that means she's not evil, just focused on one element.

  • Orisa: Lawful Good. She is the protector of Numbani and will do everything she can to fulfill that duty.

  • Pharah: Lawful Good. She's currently working for Helix, a security organization. That could lead us to believe she's Lawful Neutral, but she has a strong moral code and wants to fight for a better world, making her LG.

  • Reaper: Lawful Evil. One of the leaders of Talon, focused on bringing ruin to former Overwatch agents, while enforcing orders on other agents of the terrorist organization.

  • Reinhardt: Neutral Good. Previously Lawful Good, but since Overwatch fell, he has been adventuring the world alongside Brigitte in order to bring goodness and justice to the darkest corners.

  • Roadhog: Lawful Neutral. He is Junkrat's bodyguard so he follows his orders and constantly protects him from danger. As a mercenary, his alignment towards good/evil depends of his employer, so he is neutral.

  • Soldier:76: Chaotic Good. Almost the same as Ana, although he leans toward Chaotic Neutral than her because of his new role as a vigilante.

  • Sombra: Neutral Evil. She follows Talon's rules as long as it suits her, but she isn't above betraying them for her own benefit (As seen with Katya Volskaya).

  • Symmetra: Lawful Neutral. She follows Vishkar's rules, but isn't evil like them. Just following orders, we could say. Now she's starting to see that Vishkar is evil, but as for now she's still with them, so she's LN.

  • Torbjörn: Lawful Good. He was one of the top engineers of Overwatch and tried to do his best to protect Mankind from the Omnics (although he failed sometimes). That puts him in the good side, although he has been racist with the peaceful omnics for a long time.

  • Tracer: Lawful Good. She tries to protect people, bring justice for the world and kill the bad guys. A nice example of a LG.

  • Widowmaker: Lawful Evil. Although brainwashed, she still does evil things working for Talon. It seems that her mental conditioning is starting to fall of, but as in game she's working for Talon that puts her in the LE area.

  • Winston: Neutral Good. He wants Overwatch to be restored even if that means acting against the Petras Act. That puts him under NG.

  • Wrecking Ball: Chaotic Neutral. He only fights to earn money and survive and is uninterested in the world's events.

  • Zarya: Lawful Neutral. She obeys her superior's commands and works as a soldier fueled by revenge, that puts her in LN territory as she will work with her enemies (omnics) if she's ordered to.

  • Zenyatta: Neutral Good. He abandoned the Shambali monastery in order to help omnics and humans to reconcile. In my opinion, leaving his monastery to help others puts him under the NG domain.

What do you think?

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