Destiny Raid Boss – By Kasm

Overwatch7 - Destiny Raid Boss - By Kasm

Destiny Raid Boss – By Kasm

I’m not good with video editing, and I prefer to keep secrets either way, so no video, sorry 🙁

Code: NXA2W

Either way, with Hero Scaling being finally implemented, I’m ready to unveil the final product of my Destiny-Style Raid Boss:

D.Surrection Prime

I wanted this to feel as much like Destiny without ruining the experience of it still being Overwatch. As such, I didn’t restrict heroes, all movement is the same. I had experimented with most heroes having either a Hunter’s Double Jump, a Titan’s Lift, or a Warlock Glide, but these felt unnatural on many characters, so I scrapped it.

There is a Health Bar that looks as close to the Destiny Boss health bar as possible, as well as a DPS counter, etc.

Not to spoil, but the fight uses similar mechanics to:

Templar (Vault of Glass)

Aksis, Archon Prime (Wrath of the Machine)

Riven of a Thousand Voices (Last Wish)

Insurrection Prime (Scourge of the Past)

Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer (Crown of Sorrow)

I did make many changes you will recognize if you play Destiny:


Ultimate charge from damage is removed completely. Heroes will instead generate Ultimate charge passively or through scoring eliminations.

Players will begin to passively regenerate health after not taking damage for 6 seconds.


Lúcio will restore nearby player’s cooldowns and grant some Ultimate charge when using Amp it Up


Heroes standing near Reinhardt while he is using Barrier Shield will restore ammo over time.


Winston and Moira:

Holding the main attack button (Primary Fire for Winston, Secondary Fire for Moira) will ramp up damage over time.


Ultimate duration reduced by 40%

Ultimate damage increased by 100%


Ultimate damage increased by 50%


Ultimate damage increased by 50%


Gravitic Flux replaced by a Nova Bomb. Nova Bomb is a projectile that unleashes a devastating explosion on impact.


Damage increased by 240%

Ultimate damage reduced by 70% (around 100% of current value)


Along with activating Rally, Brigitte will also place a Well of Radiance. Well of Radiance will provide heavy healing over time and increased damage for any players inside.


Hacked enemies will take 25% more damage.

Sombra is completely invulnerable to all damage while invisible.


Frozen enemies take damage over time


Magazine reduced by 50%

Critical Hits restore 3 shots to the magazine


Deadeye replaced by Celestial Nighthawk. Celestial Nighthawk allows for a single devastating Peacekeeper shot.

Other changes are basic stat changes to balance heroes.

Let me know what you think! Also: play
cMC6doNSR8E - Destiny Raid Boss - By Kasm

this during the fight!

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