Did You Know: Overwatch is FUN.

Overwatch6 - Did You Know: Overwatch is FUN.

Overwatch is a competitive first-person shooter with an emphasis on team work. It's not all puppies and lollipops. Most of us are here because we want to improve and win. Losing sucks. Having teammates yell at you sucks. And it sucks to suck.

It's fine to get upset when these things happen to you. If fact, it would be strange to not get upset at a string of losses or poor performances. But, don't beat yourself over it and bring that frustration into the real world.

I've been playing competitive, team-based games for 20+ years of my life starting with StarCraft Broodwar. I took my win % and stats seriously because I wanted to be the best. I was the typical teenager who cursed out my teammates if they didn't do well, cursed if I didn't do well, cursed out the other team for winning, and cursed out the other team even more for losing. It got so bad in Halo where I started to blame and talk trash to my own real life friends that eventually, some didn't want to play anymore because I took the game too seriously.

I think that was the moment I realized that I had to step back. Step outside myself, and ask, am I even having fun? Why am I getting upset at a video game? Don't I play with friends so we all have a good time?

The fact is, after 20 years, I have no idea what stats I had in StarCraft, Halo, CoD, or other games. I definitely don't remember any of the players I cursed out, and they definitely don't remember me. I took those games so seriously back then, and now, I couldn't care less.


Fast forward to Overwatch, a game I've been playing on and off for years, and yes, I still want to improve and win, but I also want to relax and have fun. All these posts I read about "how do I handle toxic players?", easy: mute and move on. I don't have much time to play nowadays, so why waste my time and get tilted?

And all these posts about "how do I handle losing?" Well, I don't get upset at losses because I use losses as motivation to improve my game and see where I went wrong so next game, I'll be better. I'm having fun and it feels good.

To the kids out there who only know school and videogames: Enjoy your life and find ways to have fun. When you start growing up, you're going to get new stressful things thrown at you, videogames shouldn't be one of them.

To the players wondering "but what about throwers and quitters?": To be honest, it's a GG in game chat. Both teams end up all bashing the thrower and quitter anyway, so it's all in good fun. We might get a quitter on our team one game, and then next game, the other team gets a thrower. GG. This is just how online games work. can't expect everything from everyone.

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