Don’t play comp today a.k.a Patch Day + FAQ to this issue

Overwatch4 - Don't play comp today a.k.a Patch Day + FAQ to this issue

Every event, every time, people play competitive during patch day, and invariably there are server issues. And then a flood of the same issues across Reddit and the Blizzard Forums.

TL:DR: Play comp on patch day at your own risk, you may lose SR due to server issues. Just avoid comp today to avoid unnecessary SR loss.


My game randomly disconnected and everyone got booted from the server!

Yes, on patch day servers are somewhat unstable. We're past the 2nd year of Overwath, this will be the 15th seasonal event, and this is a well known and recurring issue that you should know by now (and occurs in many other games where patch day can crash the game and cause issues so this is not a unique issue with just Overwatch).

I got kicked out of a competitive game due to the patch and lost SR! Will Blizzard refund my SR? Can Blizzard stop punishing players for server crashes?

So did a ton of other people who took that same risk. No Blizzard will not, and has not ever, refunded SR.

So how come Blizzard won't just do a blanket refund? Give 50 SR to everyone who was playing comp at the time?

They won't do that, as server issues are pretty rare . Lastly, Blizzard will not, and has not ever, refunded SR. They can't remove penalties and SR.

What about my SR?! Why won't Blizzard refund me?

As most have said, you lose about 50 SR but if you're good, you'll be able to climb back up to your rank. Besides if you really cared that much about your SR, you wouldn't play comp on patch day.

Well what about after the patch has concluded? Like in a few hours?

You're still taking that risk unfortunately. Even in previous events, 5 hours after the patch launched and downloaded, the servers just randomly crashed. I would be very skeptical of playing comp today.

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Why is this Blizzard's philosophy?

Because they believe that server crashes aren't rare, and that even if you lose 50 SR due to a server issue, that the SR loss will even out over future games.

Why can't Blizzard be like X company?


Sure, that company has a great solution to detect server issues and prevent penalties to players. However, until Blizzard announces such a plan to fix that, unfortunately, we're stuck with the current solution that server issues = 50 SR loss for playing competitive. It is just part of the game until further notice.

As far as we know, given the developer interviews at Blizzcon, various forum posts, etc. this isn't something that's on their roadmap anytime soon.

So when IS it safe to play comp?

If you're wanting to be absolutely safe, just wait 24 hours, which may be excessive. Some would say 6-12 hours, and if you haven't seen anything come up on BlizzardCS's Twitter, the Overwatch subreddit, or the Blizzard Forums, you're probably in the clear (for the most part).

It's also though that servers can crash at any time so there MAY be a crash unrelated to the Winter Wonderland Patch. Playing comp at any time usually means you may lose SR due to a server crash – that risk is just magnified by several times when you're playing on patch day.

Well what am I going to do instead of comp?

Quickplay, any of the 5 Arcade modes, grind out Winter Wonderland lootboxes, custom games, etc. At least if the game crashes during those modes, you'll just have lost a few minutes of your time instead of a few minutes + 50 SR. If none of those interest you, you are welcome to take a break from Overwatch for one day and then hop back into doing nothing but comp afterwards, provided servers are stable.

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What about the Winter Wonderland event? I have several questions regarding lootboxes, how much the new cosmetics cost, what can we expect, etc.

I wrote up a Winter Wonderland FAQ here: feel free to check it out if you have any incoming Winter Wonderland questions!

The only part that's incorrect is that Junkrat received a Krampus skin and not a Rat King skin (as far as we know, event has not started) which I (and others) was misled to believe due to a leaked t-shirt design.

Excuse my saltiness, I am just bracing myself for the tidal wave of complaints that come every patch. Enjoy the event! May your lootboxes get you the furry skin you've always wanted!

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