DPS Mains and their Stereotypes

Overwatch10 - DPS Mains and their Stereotypes

Ashe – Widowmaker is too hard for them – 80% of their death is caused by them being caught reloading – admits that Bob does most of their job for them

Bastion – enjoys point and click adventure games – hoards potgs and gold medals – immune to insults and name calling

Doomfist – Definitely a masochist – have a K/D ratio of 0.0001 (don't @ me) – still haven't get any of his achievement sprays even after 500 hours

Genji – weeb trash – 99% chance of being a smurf – threatens to throw game if not nanoed

Hanzo – gets blamed when their team is losing even when they deal 90% of the team's elims and damage – can single handedly destroy the enemy team – was probably a junkrat main (who can aim) at one point

Junkrat – spam spam spam – plays mario kart with their rip-tire – surprised when people fall to their obvious af trap

McCree – Have playef 99238 hours of Counter Strike – loved by their supports – has an average of 99% weapon accuracy

Mei – sadistic af – is hated by both their team and the enemy – use the hate from their enemies and use it against them, amplifying the hate (which Mei mains feast on)

Pharah – begs someone else to play mercy – stomps on everyone until the enemy team switches to McCree – "jUsTIcE…(x_x)"


Reaper – gets called "noob/easy/baby hero" by the enemy team whenever they are dominating the game – sees tanks as medkits (not in goats tho) – struggles as they climb above plat

Soldier:76 – is either a gay rights advocate or a homophobe – COD fanboy – played McCree, misses a couple of times and said screw it, imma play soldier

Sombra – doesn't want other people to have fun – knows that their hero will be nerfed in the near future – pees in their pants whenever they hear widow's ultimate

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Symmetra – looks up to her as a LGBTQIA+ and autism spectrum icon – charges her ultimate faster than her turrets' cool down – second highest IQ amongst other mains, losing the number one spot only to the 9999 IQ Hammond mains

Torbjörn – screams with joy when their main is used in the overwatch league – unlike Ashe and Bob, torbjörn mains embrace that their turret does everything for them – has probably heard all of the innuendoes relating to torbjörn

Tracer – consumes Adderall and/or caffeine every 2 hours – knows they are good when the enemy team switches to Brigitte – favourite choice of hero for smurfs

Widowmaker – muted their team chat before their teammate can say "widow, switch" – smiles when the enemy accuses them of hacking – accepted their death when they see the enemy Winston diving to them

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