Echo’s design and abilities could EASILY be transferred to the support role. Here’s a concept of how.

Overwatch1 - Echo's design and abilities could EASILY be transferred to the support role. Here's a concept of how.

Edit: TL:DR: At first I thought that the reason Echo became a dps was because of her, as a character, didn't possess fitting abilities to heal. But I just realized how easy it is for her to be a healer. Just a few tweaks and she's a full fledged healer hero. Unlike someone like Doomfist or Mccree who cannot in any way logically heal with their kits, Echo, as a high-tech omnic, seems already predisposed to heal injuries

I won't go into the reasons why she's better off as a support, they are clear enough and have been repeated ad infinitum. But I have one reason for why that I have written in the Ultimate section of this ''rework''.

Honestly, I shouldn't even call this a rework, since this is basically just a few number tweaks and changing the damage into healing. It's fairly simple, entirely logical and keeps her design completely intact

So I wanted her to be a main healer, which the game currently lacks, as demonstrated by this weeks ban. I also wanted to use her shift ability to make her a dive main healer, which the game doesn't really have, unless you count Mercy as a main healer.

Her shtick visually screams shields, just like old Symmetra, so I have included that in her abilities. Here we go.


Similar to Ana, Echo can either heal or damage with her left click. As for her right-click, the projectile can either heal or damage. When you click the button, a small menu will appear like Moira's orbs, you can then choose whether you want it to do damage or heal.


Doesn't change. She needs mobility.


You know those weird ass lasers in sci-fi that seems to meld cuts together? Like the ones Iron man used in Infinity war? Yeah the beam strongly reminded me of that.

So, instead of dealing damage, Echo's focused beam heals (It's just so simple) and heals more when the target has less than 50% health. As well as any overheal will give temporary shields. In my eyes, the beam will become a clutch ability allowing Echo to save a critical-health tank quickly, kind of like a single target coal/trans.


50 health/150 shields. Seems logical.


All allies have 50 health converted to regenerable shields and shields regen after 1 second of not taking damage instead of 3

Swan song: She looks like a white swan and she's so graceful, it fits. On death, Echo will give nearby teammates 50 temporary shields.


This doesn't need change. It's the perfect ult for a support. You may be thinking that I'm crazy right now, since you can just copy an enemy dps and rip of their ult and use it to wipe the poor shmucks on the other team. But this ultimate perfectly captures what a support is supposed to do.

A support's objective ''is to heal, buff and provide utility. Support heroes boost the overall performance of their team.'' and sometimes what your team needs is more damage, more protection, more healing, depending on the situation, which is something Echo's ult can provide for fifteen second. Say you need a defensive ult, or that you're not doing enough damage, or you're getting melted by spam. Echo can fix that. At the expense of healing, Echo can replace any other role in the team to fit its needs.


If your team needs a third tank or a second defensive ult, Echo can provide that, if she was a support. Because you can bet your ass off that no dps will ever think of copying the enemy Zen or Lucio to gain a trans/beat Oh fuck no, they'll just clone whatever the enemy dps have and then proceed to try to kill people (which, to be fair, is their job). Meanwhile, a support main whose primary goal is to save his team has a much higher chance to put the ult's full potential to good use. That's why Echo needs to be a support, because of her ult and its infinite potential as a defensive one.

Here are a few examples of moments the ultimate can help:

  • Your team's getting melted through the choke, so you go Lucio to speed past it, or go Brigitte to give just enough of and edge with Rally's sustain.

  • The enemy Zenyatta has trans, so you go Ana for nade.

  • Your Rein's shield is going down and you know the enemy Rein has Shatter, so you clone him and provide your team a second shield to hide behind.

  • You have no stuns left and the enemy Reaper's about to ult, so you morph into a Mccree, a Roadhog or a Brig.

  • You're in overtime, so you go Sigma and lift all the enemies off the payload. Or you copy Ball to stall for infinity.

  • X and X dps are about to ult so you copy Lucio or Zen and gain a defensive ult.

These are jobs for a support to do, to counter the big ults and help your team survive. Echo has the potential to become the most versatile support in the game and gave support mains a fun new character, but she is gonna be wasted into the dps slot. And, simply put, no dps until masters will ever think of such things. It's much more in character for a dps player to copy a Reaper and try to teamkill than copying an Ana and getting the upper hand in a battle with nade.

She'll be more popular as a support hero

This is my opinion to why Echo should be a support and not a dps. When getting into the game, people normal start by choosing the role that they want to main, instead of choosing a specific hero they want to main. (Except for a few fan-favorite heroes, such as Rein, Dva and Mercy). So after having chosen the role you want to play based on the playstyle you feel more comfortable with, you're going to choose a character from the pool of heroes from the role you've chosen. If you look at the dps pool, logically Echo's chance to being chosen would be 1 out of 17, so 6%, but if she was a support, she'd have an 1 out of 8 chance of being chosen, so 13%.

In other words, additions to the support roster have a bigger impact than additions to the dps roster since she's gonna feel very new in a small population rather than being the 17th in a box full of cool toys.

Also, I can bet on my fucking behind that the dps players saying the lack of any dps since Ashe has made the game boring for them haven't even played all the dps.

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