Event Idea: Junkenstein’s Finale

Overwatch5 - Event Idea: Junkenstein's Finale

I might be fruitless in hoping for something like this in this year's halloween event, but with what we got with 2016 (Junkenstein's Revenge) and 2017 (Junkenstein's Return), I think there's potential to nicely wrap-up the Junkenstein storyline without much effort on Blizzard's part. Junkenstein's story could be a trilogy of events, with the first two installments being 'Revenge' and 'Return,' and the finale being called something like "Junkenstein's End" or….well, "Junkenstein's Finale."The event would feature 4 new playable characters and 4 new villains, alongside the ones we already have. The four hewroes would be:

– Reinhardt (The King)

-Pharah (The Knight)

-Brigitte (Returning as The Shieldmaiden)

-Ashe (The Bounty Hunter)

The four new enemy bosses would be:

-Winston (The Werewolf)

-Mei (The Yuki-Onna or Snow-Woman)

-Doomfist (The Creature "from the black lagoon")

-Moira (The Mastermind)

The Story: Having failed at storming the castle and killing the king twice, the Witch calls to the one her created and bestowed her her mystical powers, The Mastermind (a literal Banshee Ghost), to create as many monsters as possible and join her in one final attempt to kill the king once and for all. Realizing he has already called upon all of those he could and did protect him, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He gathers his two-most trusted soldiers, The Knight and Shieldmaiden, and the three prep for the big battle that awaits them. But just then, a Bounty-Hunter who had been hunting the Gunslinger arrives, hearing that the gunslinger was last seen at the King's castle (a reference to 'Revenge') and demanding to know where he might be. The King, seeing how powerful the Hunter is, offers a better price that the Gunslinger's arrest ever could in exchange for her service in defending the castle. She accepts. The four stood at the castle's door, and awaited the final battle for the kingdom that was to come. Soon, the Witch, her servants, and her master will arrive to settle things once and for all.


Gameplay Differences: Not Much. It would have new combat possibilities with new heroes including the first playable tank hero. The running time could extend from 8 minutes to 10 minutes to make room for the extra 4 bosses. The bosses would be in this order:

– Reaper


-Junkenstein's Monster





-Witch (not the final battle)

-Mastermind (Final Battle, restoring the witch her powers and resurrecting all the other bosses at once)

– It would be a battle of all 8 enemies at once

Many levels with repeated boss fights, like the reaper, would instead have new bosses like doom or mei.

The Skins: Mainly canon character looks for the heroes in the story. This is what I would suggest:


– King Reinhardt (like in the story comic)

– Headless Horse Orisa

– Swordsman Genji (like in the story comic)

– Werewolf Winston

– Bounty-Hunter Ashe

– Grim Reaper….Reaper (a final look for the reaper, with him having a new look in all three Junkenstein installments)

– Cardboard Cut-out Dva (based on her halloween spray)

– Mummy Bastion


– Will-O-Wisp Tracer (make Tracer ghost-looking like Coldhardt Reinhardt)

– Zombie Lucio (repaint with Zombie-like skin)

– Pumpkin Dva (like Mei's pumpkin Skin)

I think this would be a great way to end Junkenstein's story, and it would have enough changes to make JR an interesting event to play again. Blizzard, if you're reading, how about it, huh? Any of you guys got any opinions or suggestions regarding this idea?

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