Every Post-Launch Skin

Overwatch2 - Every Post-Launch Skin

I'm snowed in and bored so I made a spreadsheet of every post-launch skin (not counting Pink Mercy, Blizzcon Skins, and OWL skins, aka skins you can't get in lootboxes)

I was curious to see what the pattern was of which heroes get skins and when. So I could see who needs some love in the skin department and to see if I could predict who might get something for the Year of the Pig event.

Here is the first year of Skin releases.

Here is the second year to present day.

Things I've Noticed:

  • Year 1 (72) and Year 2 (66) have about the same number of skins.
  • Though, Year 2 has a higher number of legendary skins. 43 to 58.
  • McCree has the most post-launch skins with nine.
  • Mei and Zarya have the most post-launch legendary skins, with seven each.
  • Winston has the fewest number of post-launch skins as a launch hero with four.
  • If Genji doesn't get an epic in this years Winter Wonderland it will have been a year since he got a skin. EDIT: I mean that by the Year of the Pig event it will have been a year.
  • Tracer hasn't gotten a legendary since the first Anniversary event.
  • The current formula is six heroes get a legendary skin and three get an epic, this has been done the past two events.

Let me know if you see any other trends.

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