Everything you need to know about: Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1

Overwatch10 - Everything you need to know about: Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1


22553162 - Everything you need to know about: Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1

Conteders Returns in 2019 | What's New with Overwatch Contenders in 2019 | Announcing Three Epic Live Events for Contenders 2019 | So You Wanna Build A New Roster

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Overwatch Contenders returns in 2019 with Season 1!

Contenders in 2019 have seen many changes highlighted here. Here's a few things that have changed:

  • The amount of teams per region have decreased from 12 to 8, except China.

  • Contenders NA has been split into two regions: NA West and NA East. Each region will have 8 teams.

  • The amount of seasons per year have decreased from 3 to 2.

  • Soft region locking: Teams can only have up to 3 non-resident players on their team (some exceptions apply).

  • New Live events include Atlantic Showdown, Pacific Showdown, and The Gauntlet.


As a part of our flair clean-up process, we've removed the flair from all previous Contenders teams and will be re-adding them in the near future (this week). That's 68 teams in total, so feel free to rep your favorite team!


North AmericaOverwatchContenders
Latin AmericaOverwatchContendersLA


Dates are in local time.

RegionStart DateTimezone
EuropeFebruary 28thCET
North America EastMarch 4thPST
North America WestMarch 6thEST
KoreaMarch 5thKST
ChinaMarch 16thCST
PacificFebruary 28thTST
AustraliaFebruary 24thAEST
South AmericaFebruary 25thBRT

Season 1 ends for all regions around May.


*Teams in italics are competing in Contenders for the first time.

*Teams in bold are winners from the previous season.



Team Gigantti2018 Season 3 Top 4
British HurricaneInvited
Eternal AcademyInvited
Angry Titans2018 Season 3 Top 4
Samsung MorningStars2018 Season 3 Top 4
One.PoinT2018 Season 3 Top 4
Shu's Money Crew EUEU Trials Top 2
Young and BeautifulEU Trials Top 2

North America East

Fusion UniversityInvited
Montreal RebellionInvited
Uprising AcademyInvited
Gladiators LegionInvited
Mayhem AcademyInvited
Second WindInvited
Chicken ContendiesNA Trials Top 5
BermudaNA Trials Top 5

North America West

ATL AcademyInvited
XL2 AcademyInvited
Team EnvyInvited
NRG EsportsInvited
Second GenerationInvited
Square OneNA Trials Top 5
SkyfoxesNA Trials Top 5
Phase 2NA Trials Top 5


RunAwayKR Contenders Top 5
Element MysticKR Contenders Top 5
GC Busan WAVEKR Contenders Top 5
MVP SpaceKR Contenders Top 5
O2 BlastKR Contenders Top 5
WGS ArmamaentKR Contenders Top 5


T1w Esports ClubCN Contenders Top 8
Guangzhou AcademyInvited
Hangzhou AcademyInvited
Flag GamingCN Contenders Top 8
LGD GamingCN Contenders Top 8
Team CCCN Contenders Top 8
LGE.HuyaCN Contenders Top 8
Big Time Ragel GamingCN Contenders Top 8
Lucky FutureCN Contenders Top 8
Triple Six LegendCN Contenders Top 8
Team For VictoryCN Trials Top 2
Alter EgoCN Trials Top 2


KIX Team1PAC Contenders Top 6
Nova Monster Shield2PAC Contenders Top 6
GIANT LYNX3PAC Contenders Top 6
Talon EsportsPAC Contenders Top 6
JUPITER42PAC Contenders Top 6
Xavier EsportsPAC Contenders Top 6
Global Esports5PAC Trials Top 2
Cyclone CouplingPAC Trials Top 2

1 Acquires the spot of Hong Kong Attitude.

2 Announces joint-partnership with Monster Shield, and rebrands.

3 Acquires the spot of PHOENiX.

4 Acquires the spot of GE Pantheon KR.

5 Acquires the roster and spot of Incipience.


Sydney Drop BearsAUS Contenders Top 6
ORDERAUS Contenders Top 6
Athletico EsportsAUS Contenders Top 6
HEIST Gaming ClubAUS Contenders Top 6
Melbourne MavericksAUS Contenders Top 6
Blank EsportsAUS Contenders Top 6
Legacy EsportsAUS Trials Top 2
MindfreakAUS Trials Top 2

South America

Lowkey Esports6SA Contenders Top 6
XTEN Esports7SA Contenders Top 6
UP GamingSA Contenders Top 6
Isurus GamingSA Contenders Top 6
Caverna e-SportsSA Contenders Top 6
The Suquinho NationSA Contenders Top 6
FURYSA Trials Top 2
INTZ eSportsSA Trials Top 2

6 Merger of former based tryhards and LFTOWL rosters.

7 Acquires spot of based tryhards.

*This thread will remain updated as we get more information.

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