Experimental Card: Triple Damage Feedback Review

Overwatch3 - Experimental Card: Triple Damage Feedback Review

The first Experimental Card has been removed from the game, and with it, our first Feedback Megathread. Thank you to the almost 2400 comments we had in the thread. Discussion, for the most part, was great and I know both the subreddit and Blizzard appreciates the conversation.

This thread is intended as a consolidation and review of the original Feedback Megathread, as well as a final opportunity to give feedback and discuss 1-3-2 with your fellow users. This is not intended to a complete review of everybody's feedback, merely summary of the most discussed topics.


Opinions of 1-3-2 were as polarizing as the dev team's opinions.1

Lots of love and hate for 1-3-2. In my experience of moderating the thread, I can say that initial thoughts were not great, but were more positive the longer people played the game mode.

If I were to guess, I'd say that the split is probably no more than 40-60 in either direction.

Generally, 1-3-2 did indeed have the effect of decreasing Damage role queue times.

Some regions reported that this was only temporary, and that the Damage role queue times went back up to "normal". From personal experience (NA East), damage queue times were indeed the highest, but only by a minute or so.

However, some regions also reported that the decrease in Damage role queue times came at the cost of dramatically increased tank queue times.

1-3-2 plays differently than 2-2-2.

For the most part, feedback seems to acknowledge that 1-3-2 had a faster pace than 2-2-2 (Other descriptions include more brawl-y, more deathmatch-y, and more like an FPS), positioning was more important (especially for support players), and communication is more necessary.

Some users expressed frustration that teammates treated 1-3-2 like 2-2-2, and failed to compensate for the changes. Users that played longer or found groups tended to fair better than just solo-queuing.

While the tank changes have generally been well-received, they felt like the first step in the process of fully implementing 1-3-2.

A common piece of feedback received was that tanks felt more like "raid bosses" than before, and they felt like they could contribute to a fight better than simply standing behind a barrier.

However, many users agreed that if 1-3-2 were to be fully implemented, both support Heroes and damage Heroes would also need to have major balance changes to their kits.


"Let's do 2-3-2 instead of 1-3-2."

Jeff explicitly talked about this in a recent forum post2:

exceeding 12 players per match would cause significant technical challenges (we’re highly optimized towards 12 right now). experimenting with less than 12 is more realistic. it’s not that we cannot do it… it’s that the cost would be extremely high.


In other words, OW will not be in anything other than 6v6 for the forseeable future.

"This should have been in a competitive trial run like 2-2-2 was."

Users reported that their experiences were not great due to users not taking the mode seriously, and that, had SR and/or comp points been rewarded, teammates would have played with more purpose.

"Just make Tanks fun to play again."

I think this point is obvious to make in theory, but difficult to identify and implement in reality.

However, Jeff talked about this in the blog post3 that accompanied the launch of the experimental card last week (emphasis is mine):

Q: What are some of the reasons you feel players queue up for damage more often than tanks?

Kaplan: There are a lot of different reasons. One is simply that there are more damage heroes to choose from than tanks right now. I also think the reward mechanisms in the game are skewed toward damage. If you think about all the visceral feedback you get from a kill—we light up the kill feed, you get an elimination message, there’s a very satisfying sound—we don’t do quite the same level of diligence when it comes to things like how much damage did you block, or did you save somebody from dying by healing them at the right time. And that’s on us. That’s something that we need to fix over time.

That said, there’s a lot to be attracted to in the tank role. Wrecking Ball is one of the most skillful and creative heroes in the game. The diversity in playstyles if you look at Rein versus Sigma versus Orisa—none of them play the same, even though they’re all barrier tanks. I think that they’re unique and fun to play. But I think fewer players feel like they’re up to the task of playing a tank. It’s a high-pressure position. The team counts on you.


1Jeff Kaplan Forum post on original proposal for 1-3-2.

2Jeff Kaplan Forum post on excedding 12 players per match (2-3-2).

3Jeff Kaplan and Michael Heiberg on Experimental Mode, Tiple Damage, and Ice Cream Economics.

Original Feedback Megathread

Patch Notes 1.45.00

This thread will be updated the more I comb though the original thread, but please feel free to continue the discussion here.

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