[Guide] When to Pick Which Support? (Updated)

Overwatch8 - [Guide] When to Pick Which Support? (Updated)

I made a post around a year ago where I made a comprehensive guideline on when to pick which Support given the following: your team comp, the other support(s), and the enemy team composition.

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A lot has changed since then, and I wanted to make an updated guide.

Something to note: When I say “Pairs Poorly With:” I am not saying ”never play this combo,” I’m saying that this combo is very niche and should only be used in certain situations that I’m not going to discuss in this post.


Pairs best with: Lúcio, Brigitte

Pairs poorly with: None

Ana has jumped up to one of the best Supports in the game. Her kit is unrivaled, and she has become far more versatile. She also has an extremely good pairing with Reinhardt, who is very strong at the moment. She is essentially a must-pick with a Genji, and Nanoblade can only be negated by Sound Barrier (not even Transcendence can outheal it).

She works best with Supports that are mostly self sufficient and can easily heal/peel for her. Lúcio and Brigitte are perfect examples. Zenyatta + Ana used to be a risky composition, but it Zenyatta can be played, he works quite well with Ana as a high risk/high reward Support lineup.


Pairs best with: Mercy, Brigitte

Pairs poorly with: Moira, Ana

Baptiste is the newest Support in Overwatch, and as an AoE Healer with very high potential HPS and DPS, he certainly has his moments. Baptiste plays rather well with a double shield composition, but can also be a very good pick with a Rein/Zarya or Rein/D.Va composition due to his extremely high AoE healing and the ability to let Reinhardt play extremely aggressive with Immortality Field.

He also has a solid pairing with any Snipers due to his Amplification Matrix. While players in high ranks will immediately avoid Line of Sight of this, in lower ranks it is possible to immediately one shot body-shot as Widowmaker, Hanzo, or a damage boosted Ashe.

Baptiste is not good against Dive compositions, where he can often get dove when Regenerative Burst is on cooldown. He is very strong vs. Barrier Compositions, as he deals phenomenal shield damage for a Support.

He works best with Supports that can keep more nimble teammates alive, including yourself. Hitting damage heroes directly as Baptiste is very difficult unless they are standing still. It’s best to have a Mercy or a Brigitte to focus on keeping them alive while you assist the tanks.


Pairs best with: Ana, Baptiste, Mercy, Moira

Pairs poor with: Zenyatta

Brigitte has easily become the most versatile support since her Armor Pack rework. She plays the role of a low HPS main support or a high HPS off-support. She can easily clock in 13k/10min healing in a brawly composition.

Brigitte has a notably good synergy with Reinhardt, as she can brawl with him, keeping him healer, dealing additional damage, and having the ability to Stun and Knock Back any enemies who are a threat. This synergy improves even greater with a Zarya on your team, as she can allow you to play aggressive to get Inspire active.

Brigitte is extremely strong against anything dive, and picking her will often force the enemy off dive. Inspire and Armor Packs mitigate damage from Winston, D.Va, or Wrecking Ball, and she will almost always have Inspire active because Dive is forced to play close. Shield Bash is also extremely debilitating against any dive heroes. She falls short in more bunker-ish compositions, along with any team that has a Zarya, as she does not have a suitable Defensive Ultimate to counter Graviton Surge.

It’s worth noting that Armor Pack will keep a 200 health hero alive after a Hanzo Headshot.

As stated she pairs well with every Support in the game. Her healing output can be insane, and aggression levels can vary depending on the other Support. Lower HPS means more aggression is required.


Pairs best with: Ana, Moira

Pairs poorly with: Zenyatta, Mercy

As always, Lúcio is still the most played Hero in Pro Overwatch. He fits into most compositions, but truly bolsters a strong, brawly Tank lineup, specifically Rein/Zarya or Rein/D.Va, moreso than Brigitte.


Part of this is that Lúcio has no real counters. Sombra certainly makes his life tough, but if he plays around his team (as he should), she shouldn’t hamper his effectiveness too much.

Lúcio’s biggest boon to his team is his Speed Boost, and time on healing is time spent being less effective than possible. That’s not to say the healing aura shouldn’t be used; if your team is low, you should heal obviously, but having a main support that can very quickly heal up the tanks allows you to stay at peak effectiveness.

This concept explains why he should not be played with low HPS healers, like Mercy or Zenyatta. He will be stuck on healing most of the time rather than speed. The only times Lúcio should be paired with either of these is when playing Dive, which requires less healing and more aggression.


Pairs best with: Ana, Baptiste

Pairs poorly with: Lúcio, Zenyatta

Mercy is the de facto pick for allowing DPS to pop. She can turn any Damage hero to a nearly immortal killing machine, depending on their skill, of course. In order to do so, she has to focus less on her tanks, which she’s not very effective with regardless.

This means, in order for her to be peak effectiveness, she needs to be paired with a main healer, like Ana, Baptiste, or Moira. This one’s more personal preference, but I’m not a big fan of Mercy+Moira because you lose any form of utility besides Damage Boost. Ana and Baptiste has methods of shutting down offensive ults: Ana has Sleep and Nano, Baptiste has Immortality.

If your team has Ashe or Pharah, Mercy is likely what you should pick. Even Genji, as a damage boosted Blade can do a dash+swipe combo to kill.

She can be (and should be) used in Dive comps as a main healer, where she’s the only one of which that can keep up with the team. My personal favorite for Dive is Mercy+Lúcio.


Pairs best with: Lúcio, Brigitte

Pairs poorly with: Baptiste

Moira is a tank’s healer, or at least she should be. She can achieve the highest realistic Healing/min in the game by far. This is all with a caveat: she can’t heal those who aren’t right next to her. Her DPS will have a much harder time going onto high ground, flanking, etc. because of her inability to heal at a range consistently.

For this reason, she is very strong with brawl comps, which are extremely popular right now. She is also notably difficult to dive/focus down because her ease of escape, self healing, and ability to win 1v1s.

Given that her only utility is massive healing and spam damage, teams that have utility, like Stuns or Speed Boosts, generally do far better. Lúcio and Brigitte are essentially needed for Moira to excel, as they further improve the brawl comps she does so well in. This means Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Reaper, Mei, etc.

Moira can also be used as an Ana replacement if you are getting focused by flankers.


Pairs best with: Baptiste

Pairs poorly with: Lúcio, Brigitte

Zenyatta is a very high risk-reward pick at the moment. With so much of the game stemming from the Support’s ability to keep tanks alive, adding what is essentially a DPS to your team makes that much harder.

However, if you can win fights quickly, you don’t need healing, and Discord does exactly that. Well placed Discord Orbs can allow you to win fights before they start.

With that said, do not play Zenyatta with Reinhardt/Brawl. The additional damage granted is not worth the lack of other utility/healing. He excels with teams that play slightly slower or extremely aggressive. No in between. This means he can be used with double shield and dive.

However, you likely aren’t in Overwatch League. So if the other team has flankers, swap off. It’s not worth the extra utility, as you’ll be dead much of the time, and if not, you’ll be consuming resources for your team to protect you.

For the most part, don’t take risks, don’t play Zenyatta unless your team goes dive and they have no flankers.

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