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I've been researching the statistics of the various weapons within the Halo franchise. How do you think each weapon would fair in Overwatch? Which ones would thrive with/against certain comps? Which ones would fail? Are the mechanics described possible with what the workshop provides? What other Halo weapons would you want me to research and attempt to implement into Overwatch? Lmk!

Weapon Idea: Type-33 Needler, from Halo 3

Type Guided Munitions Launcher

Ammo 22 rnds

Reload time 1.1 s

Rate of fire 8.5 rnds/s

Spread angle 3.3 deg

Damage 7, 1.75 (shields/barriers/deployables), 152 (explosion)

Melee Damage 60

Range 64 m

Damage falloff range 64 m

Damage at max. range 100%

Projectile velocity 54 m/s

Headshot No


Heat seeking Rounds will track foes that were in your crosshair, homing will only activate onto foes at amaximum distance of 40 m.

Crystalline Impalement Rounds will stick onto the surface it lands on, remaining active for a short period of time (4 s).

Combine Explosion Landing 7 active rnds causes an explosion to occur onto the victim (152) after a brief delay (1 s).

Rebellion Mitigation Rounds will deal 25% dmg and lack the Crystalline Impalement + Combine Explosion properties when landing on shields, barriers, and deployed objects.


Positives: Homing rounds, awards accuracy with additional burst damage which cases surrounding damage + knockback, fast reload speed.

Negatives: Ineffective against shields/barriers/deployables, slow projectile velocity, low base damage, no headshot, set bullet range.

Weapon Idea: Type-25 Plasma Pistol, from Halo 3

Type Directed Energy Pistol

Ammo 100 % Battery Charge

Reload Time 2.1 s

Rate of fire 4 units/charge, 1 charge/s, 16 charge/overcharge

Spread angle 0 deg

Damage 6.375 (health), 25.5 (shields), 14.5 (overcharge/health), 255.2 (overcharge/shields)

Melee Damage 60

Range Infinite, 2 m (blast radius), 1.15 m (shield drain radius)

Damage falloff range None

Damage at max. range x

Projectile speed 108 m/s

Headshot No



Overcharged Holding down primary fire for at least 2.5 s causes your next shot to deal higher dmg on health and significantly higher dmg on shields/barriers. These units will track foes that were in your crosshair at a maximum distance of 50 m. There is an additional damage radius of 2 m, and a 1.15 m EMP radius.

EMP Enemies damaged by an overcharged unit within the 1.15 m radius will be hacked and have their shield health disabled for 6 s. Mobilizes high speeding targets and disables deployables for 4 seconds.

Overheated After firing an overcharged unit or shooting 8 rapid consecutive units, you will have to wait a short amount of time (2.1 s) to use the Type-25 Plasma Pistol again.


Positives: High damage to shields/barriers/deployables, can immediately stop high speeding enemies, slight tracking capabilities and hack properties for overcharged units, disables shield health regeneration for a short period of time.

Negatives: Low base damage, long reload time, no headshot, overheating causes an additional reload time regardless of ammo amount.

Weapon Idea: Model 6 Spartan Laser, from Halo 3

Type Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle

Ammo 100% Battery Charge

Reload Time 2.4 s, 20 charge cost

Rate of fire 3 s charge

Spread angle 0 deg

Damage 284

Melee Damage 80

Range 38.12 m (laser blast length), Infinite, 2 m radius at impact

Damage falloff range None

Damage at max. range x

Projectile speed 299,792,458 m/s

Headshot No


Scope Aim with a 3x magnification scope.

Targeting Emit a subtle red laser sight onto your current target from your gun.

Directed Energy Negates armor damage modifications. 2 m radius of effect on impact.

Burn through The laser bypasses enemies, allowing you to strike multiple foes that are properly aligned.


Positives: Scope, massive damage, damage multiple targets at once with bypass/area of effect properties, additional damage to armored enemies.

Negatives: Long charging/reload/recovery time (5.4 s total each shot), laser sight communicates your aim to enemy team, no headshot.

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