Hard Counter Hypocrisy

Overwatch8 - Hard Counter Hypocrisy

It's been a long time since I really took part in this subreddit, and back when I did, quite a lot of it involved heated arguments about Symmetra.

I've said a few times in the past that the moment the meta shifts and your character becomes off meta, you'll be doing just the same, but today I decide to see what's going on here, and I find that isn't actually the case.

See, now that it's Tracer with a hard counter, suddenly hard counters are bad.

You people were perfectly happy to tell me to stop ruining your games, abandon my character or face mass reports and auto bans. Winston and Pharah exist, therefore my character is unusable, and I should just pick somebody else or go fu*k myself. Doesn't matter what my performance is like, "we don't want you in Overwatch".


But again, now it's poor Tracer being countered the game itself must bend over backwards to rescue her. We must help Tracer because it's too hard to play her with a Brigette threatening her, and now people are having to switch characters when they don't want to, and having to switch characters is bad and there'snostrategyandIdon'tgettoplaymyfavouritecharacter…

Boo. Fu*king. Hoo.

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