Help me find this SUPER SMURF

Overwatch3 - Help me find this SUPER SMURF

Guys. I ran into this player, his name was Pinecone, and I want to know who his main is.

He was an obvious smurf from the start of the match I played with him (down in 2200 last week). He literally didn't go into sentry (turret?) mode on bastion once in this entire match, only tank and recon. He promised he would not do anything other than recon and tank, and he was so smart to get our team to keep feeding his ult charge by chipping damage on him and self healing, non stop, and I kept telling them IN match chat that I knew what he was doing and he laughed it off saying "nah man, that ain't true!"

He alone destroyed our team. He sent me a friend request after the match because I recognized his ability/skill right off the bat, before he popped off, pointed out specific things he was doing that you NEVER see in low ranks (healing between cannons in bastion ult, dead aim on an airborne pharah during his ult (not the pharah's ult, that's easy), etc) and I've been following his progress through the career profile.

This guy one tricked a bastion, NOT in sentry (at least in lower ranks) from 2000-3549 last I checked in less than 8 days with a 79% win rate… on bastion… in recon…

Who are you Pinecone. WHO ARE YOU?!

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