How to handle toxic players aka carry games with positivity

Overwatch2 - How to handle toxic players aka carry games with positivity

I have a story to share, one that made me thinking.

The setting is classic, competitive match, hollywood defense, a guy instant locks genji and writes in chat ''i lost 400 sr today'', i see the toxicity coming, this is a tilted genji main. But so far so good, i am in the mood for some hitscan and pick ashe. Team fills, and we get a decent comp. But guess what, the enemy team goes pharmacy, the tilted genji goes diving in narnia and starts screaming at the moira for healing (how can she heals you btw if you are far from her spray? dah).

Things then start going downhill, moira screams at the genji to use healthpacks, rein charges the middle of the enemy team, and we all die. ''Group up and go again'', i say, holding on to the hope that the team wants to win and not scream at each others. I was wrong. ''Shut up ashe, you wouldn't hit a shot by chance'' genji says. ''ASHE KILL THE FUCKING PHARAH'' screams moira.

I hit some shots, but the frontline is getting bullied, pharah has the highground, a mercy and a d.va defending her, i don't get shielded or pocketed, and in the meanwhile my team is just screaming in voice and blaming each other. ''GG" writes in chat the rein, and leaves the voice channel. Naturally we don't defend a single meter, and they cap with 2 min spare time.

Load screen again, time to attack. I think to myself, i want to leave this game, people are throwing and being toxic, it's a loss. But no, i say, i will win this game.


So i lock in Reinhardt, i get a mcCree for the pharah, while the toxic genji keeps calling everybody bad and boosted. ''No wonder you lost 400 sr today'' tells him the moira. ''Just mute him guys'', i say.

Game starts and man, we stomped them hard. It's easy, i shot call, shield mcCree and tell him to shot pharah, help moira, outplay the enemy Rein. We finally get some teamplay going and win the game 5-4. Awesome attack, one of my best Rein games in the last weeks.

The genji keeps asking for healing in narnia, blaming people when he dies alone in the enemy spawn. At the end he writes ''you're welcome for the carry'' not realizing I won the game, not by flashy plays, but by putting the team back together, be positive and encourage my hitscan, rather than blaming him, and just trying to enable my team. Result 4 shotcaller endorsements and i get to feel good.

This was an eye opener for me, because people just do not understand that OW is a team game, you don't win by being insane, you win by collaborating and synergising. Who are you helping by blaming others?

It is difficult, but when i meet toxicity now, i don't lose hope, i try to get the team back together, and play a game of overwatch, not the immature shitshow i would otherwise face.

That's all, thanks for reading if you get to this point


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