I did the math: Role Queue makes it so that no reasonable DPS can climb in Comp

Overwatch7 - I did the math: Role Queue makes it so that no reasonable DPS can climb in Comp

TL:DR Unless you're always playing well and can commit 42 hours just to comp alone, a sane DPS player cannot reasonably climb in the ranks

I know this isn't a clip of a Dva-bomb team kill, and therefore will be buried, but hear me out here.

I love Role-Queue. For all involved, it seems to have brought a lot more coordination to the game and overall makes more matches enjoyable.

That said, as someone who traditionally plays DPS when I can, I've realized that unless you have hours and hours on end to spare, climbing in Competitive is no longer an option. And it is sadly because of these role queue timers.

Last night, (Monday after 11 PM EST) I played 4 total matches in competitive solo queuing as DPS. The wait times for each game were as follows:

  1. 7 minutes

  2. 10 minutes

  3. 9 minutes

  4. 12 minutes

In short, of the 2 hours I played comp, a third of it was spent waiting just to get into a game. God forbid you have a leaver. And at the end of the day, I won two matches, lost two matches. exactly where I started 2 hours later.

So, I ran the numbers: If you are a fairly competent DPS who is good at the role, you're probably going to win around 60-65% of your matches. Unless your smurfing, even games where you are doing great will be defined by your teammates, and lets be honest guys, its Overwatch; there will be unwinnable matches thanks to that one sweaty guy who isnt even in Team Chat cursing out your Anna, or a DPS who is very possibly using a trackpad.


So to say a standard, quality DPS player will win 65% of their matches is reaching if anything. Given that matches these days award a fairly tight margin of 20 – 24 SR for a win, I'll use 22 SR per match on average. Finally, I'll even use a conservative estimate for Queue timers, saying that each wait time for a game will be about 7 – 10 minutes, with match time being much more variable at anywhere between 10 – 20 minutes.

With those values set, the results are…concerning.

At this rate, if you are consistently playing well and never go under a 65% winrate, and using conservative estimates, a good DPS will on average gain between 8 to 12 SR / Hour.

In short, it would take at minimum 41.6667 hours simply to get from plat to diamond, given you never drop under a 65% winrate and by happenstance get quick matches AND no 12 minute queues If more likely you deal with longer queues and matches, this value gets as high as 62.5 hours to get from plat to diamond.

I can link my math if need be but holy shit guys. I know, I know, "Just play support or tank then," and I do, but once in a while when I really feel like playing DPS, its painful.

I guess I'm no longer a DPS player, because how am I supposed to play comp, well, competitively, knowing that no one has the kind of time let alone consistency to climb.

Edit: for a solution, I'd at very least love to see an accurate reflection of wait times for queues beforehand. Rn, seeing the wait time being "<6 Minutes" means its going to be a 9 minute wait, and "<9+ Minutes" means you'll be stuck in this purgatory forever.

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