I had the best experience I have ever had in overwatch today, and I would like to share it.

Overwatch9 - I had the best experience I have ever had in overwatch today, and I would like to share it.

Disclaimer: I am 14 years old, and have an abnormally high voice due my lack of um… puberty

This makes it really hard for a group to not kick me when I join, forget about trying the DPS slot, I hate solo queuing, so i never do it, but it always takes a while to find a group that will keep me. i have pretty solid stats, nothing crazy but enough to keep me in low plat. I always naively thought i deserved a better rank, but all my skills are mediocre. I watch all the stuff on youtube to help my game sense and positioning, but I never have any teams that do, or if they do are mega-toxic. I know how it feels to be bullied, (in-game, i am pretty likable irl) so i try to be as nice as possible to everybody. I am also proficient in any hero except genji. Anyway, enough background.

I came home from school and did all my HW, hopped onto the game and played in the training area (I forget the name the one with the robots you can shoot.) I then looked for some groups, and in the first one i filled support spot, the group was already jokingly toxic, saying stuff like “reaper is illegal lmao, build the wall” so i had no hope. I said “hello?” And they kicked me.

Second group i did tank and they politely told me that they had a friend coming, so i would have to leave. I said yeah, but during the time it takes from pressing the “leave group” button to me actually leaving they said that that was a nice excuse. The third and final group i joined for the tank slot, but when i joined they were already having a discussion. I said hello bracing for a kick, but they said hi back. This just meant that they were more polite, doesnt mean they wouldnt kick me. They asked me who i played as tank, I said whichever you need me to, but i play more main tank since most people play off. The leader laughed and said cool, and then kicked the other guys laughing off the group. I asked him what he did wrong, and he told me his stats were dogsh*t. He also said that he kicks a lot, as if not he might as well be playing solo queue. We found the right team after awhile, they all were mostly nice. This one guy wouldnt switch off symm when we were doing Baptiste bunker comp on Hanamura, and the discussion was pretty funny

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Leader: can u play bastion Guy: i am already symm Me: right can u switch Guy: i am already symm


And he wasnt even foriegn. After the game (we won with a blowout) our leader kicked two guys who were quiet and didnt pull their weight in the match. The leader, me, and another guy bonded and told jokes as we found other players. They actually laughed at my jokes, and since my dream is to be a comedian i was really happy. We made fun of anti-vaxxers, it was great. Our second game we won, but i had to get dinner. Before i left, the leader told me i was the one of the smartest players he has ever played with. He was skeptical because of the pitch of my voice, but ended up really liking my playstyle. I friended the leader and left. Later in the afternoon. I saw he was online and joined his party. He and the guy from before were just chillinf, apparently still on the win streak. The guy told me he wanted a break from comp for a min or so so i started a game of tracer dodgeball (a game i created btw) and we hung out for twenty minutes. After that we, played two more games, one on anubis with this two stack who turned out to be assholes, and at the end one where we queued as a four stack, the three of us plus this really nice friend of the lesder. We played with two DPS who were actually GODLY, like holy sh*t they were carrying. We were all tired and laughing, but we had a fun time. We all friended each other the end.

I honestly can’t remember being as happy as i was playing the game an hour ago. I have never made an actual friend in OW. We kept complimenting each other, in a cheesy way too, but we didnt care. I never felt so appreciated inan area of my life i care so much about. He told me that i was smart, funny, and good at the game. All these things are things are things i strive to be. In the end, it made me realize that as long as i am enjoying others, i can enjoy myself. Something i otherwise probably would have learned the hard way later in life. Thank you, if you are out there, for letting me enjoy the game again. I hope we can play again. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, it is kinda late.

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Tl;dr i have a high voice and i played with a group that accepted me and made me feel appreciated

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