I Made Roadhog a Damage Hero Using the Workshop! (beta)

Overwatch6 - I Made Roadhog a Damage Hero Using the Workshop! (beta)

Roadhog has a kit that is similar to a Damage Hero's kit. I decided to utilize this and turn Roadhog into a Damage hero. I'm still not completely sure that the balancing is right, however, I spent hours tweaking and balancing so if it's not balanced, it's pretty damn close. I AM NOT GREAT AT THE WORKSHOP MEANING THAT THERE IS A FEW BUGS. IF ONE OF YOU IS GOOD AT THE WORKSHOP AND IS WILLING TO SPEND 5-10 MINS FIXING SOME BUGS, DM ME FOR A LIST OF THE FEW BUGS. Thank You 🙂



List of all changes:

  • Roadhog's health has been reduced from 600 to 160. Because Roadhog has such high damage potential than before, his health has been drastically reduced to help compensate for it. However, because of his large hitbox, he has the highest health out of all Damage hero's
  • Overall damage from his gun has been increased by 5%.
  • Projectile speed has been increased by 10%.
  • Chain Hook's cooldown had been decreased by 10%.
  • Roadhog has a new passive ability called "Springy Boots" that allows him to jump 140% rather than the universal 100% at all times. This is to help give Roadhog more mobility so that he is able to commit into situations more like a Damage Hero rather than a tank. Keep in mind that sense this is a passive ability, if he gets hacked he can not jump for the entire duration of the hack.
  • Take a Breather is no longer called Take A Breather. It is now called Energy Burst. The cooldown has been increased by 60%. Energy Burst lasts for 7.15 seconds. It does not give any sort of healing. It increases Roadhog's maximum health from 160 to 175, his damage gets increased by 10%, and his movement speed gets increased by 30%. Energy Burst is great because it allows Roadhog to be able to engage the enemy and have a higher chance of coming out alive and a higher chance of securing eliminations.
  • Whole Hog's knock back has been reduced by 70%. The damage of Whole Hog has been increased by 30%. Roadhog gets his movement speed increased by 75% during the entire duration of Whole Hog. Whole Hog has been changed to help Roadhog more easily secure kills with the risk of being able to be eliminated easier. The low knock back helps him become less "tanky" which makes it easier for the enemy that roadhog is shooting at to be able to eliminate Roadhog. The increased movement speed helps him be able to secure more kills.

In my testing, I observed that hitscans are very powerful against Roadhog. Reaper is not as strong against Roadhog as he use to be. When going against Roadhog, note that because he can't self heal, if no healers are with him it is WAAAY easier than before to confirm the kill on him.

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