I Need Healing! My personal perception of each of the support’s healing capabilities in Overwatch.

Overwatch7 - I Need Healing! My personal perception of each of the support's healing capabilities in Overwatch.

Healing, as well as tanking and dealing damage, is one of the core gameplay elements in Overwatch. I've always find it facinating how all six (current) heroes go on about vastly different ways to get the same job done, to have their teammates at full health up and running.

But how does it work? how can such a task be completed so easily in the middle of the battlefield and thoughout the spam of a few minutes? A small hobby that I've had the past few months is thinking on ways to explain this concept in a manner that can be accepted. Do keep in mind that, even though some concepts have been verified by official lore-based statements, the rest is purely personal hypotesis and it should not be taken for granted. (for now at least)

Mercy: Based off actual lore from the game. Angela Ziegler is responsible for the development of Biotic Technology, which, through nanobiological engineering, is capable of healing damaged tissue with ease.

Ressurect is a more difficult subject to discuss, for the sake of speculating, the concept of being clinically dead and biologically dead could come into play, with the initial killing blow being percieved as clinical dead, and the end of the 5 seconds of respawn time being the actual biological death the of the individual, Mercy would them have 5 seconds to save the victim with large amounts of Biotic Energy (hence the long cast time).

Before continuing, we need to keep in mind that Biotic Tech can also be altered to harm tissue for offensive capabilities, more on that later.

Ana (speculation): Amari's Rifle tech borrows from Mercy's discovey, but with a twist. Ana can easily scan each member on her team before beginning the mission (the match) and define for the rifle if whether they can recieve healing or not. Each individual healing dart comes equiped with a small trigger that will automatically administrate the necessary toxin to create a poison dart. The same principle can later be applied to her biotic grenade.

A special NanoBoost dart mounted in Ana's left arm can also be used to both heal AND grant multiple enhancements to a specific organism/machine.

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Ana's sleeping dart should also be noted here. Each dart comes equiped with both a powerful sedative AND an effective electronic disruptor. This would explain how she can put large creatures to sleep AND temporarily disable robotic-based entities such as Mechs, Robots and Omnics.

Moira: Much like Mercy and Ana, Mrs. O'Deorain employs Biotic Energy to heal her teammates. But years of research (and questionable experiments) allowed her to modify Mercy's work in order to also degredate tissue instead of healing it. This proved to be quite useful for both an offensive tool and a resource to power up her own firs-aid machine.


Lucio (semi-speculation): Lucio's backpack is quite special, stoled from the Vishkar Corporation BUT originally developed by his father, Sonic Technology allows the transmission of complex nanobots through the air. driven by sound waves generated by the device. This nanobots can then be reprogrammed to either heal damaged tissue OR enhance the overall stamina of affected individuals.

Zenyatta (speculation): Most certainly the most facinating case of them all. The Biotic Energy previously mentioned shares noticeable similarities with what's called Omnic Energy which was used by the Omniums to develop the Omnic race.

What if the concept of the soul, perceived by Zenyatta and the Shambali, is this energy that's inside every sentient Omnic? It would explain how someone like Zenyatta, being in touch with his inner self, is able to release massive amounts of Biotic-like Energy (called transcendence in-game)

The Orbs around Zenyatta's neck allows him to also channel this energy with either restorative, degradative or even destructive properties at will.

One could also argue that this energy resides in other non-omnic machines such as Bastion and Orisa, thus somewhat explaining how they can be "healed" by characters like Moira or Mercy.

Brigitte (speculation): Much like her father, Mrs. Lindholm is an engineer first and a healer after. As she was working on her equipment and learning about Mercy's tech, she probably discovered a way to activate a powerful healing effect by generating enough force with her weapon, and what better way to generate force than by hitting people with it!

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The concept of armor could also be discussed here (speculation). Instead of being actual armor, one could assume that both Brigitte and her father employ some form of personal force field that can be applied to protect the user from high-velocity projectiles. (At least, Torb used to do it. I kinda miss it)

Honorable Mentions!

  • Soldier's biotic field borrows from Mercy's tech.

  • Reaper, much like Moira's biotic grasp, is able to absorb the organic properties form those he attacks.

  • Roadhog DNA has probably mutated after spending years in the wastelands of Australia, and so the irradiated gas can functions as a healing doze for him and mostlikely Junkrat as well.

  • Bastion just repairs itself.

  • Mei is quite strange in this one. Personally I would think that her ice block only protects her while she heals herself with a personal med-kit.

And I guess that would be it! Thank you so much for reading, and here we shall hope that we get to see more healer in the immediate future!


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