I want help from the community. as I have been constantly harassed in-game by a group of people.

Overwatch6 - I want help from the community. as I have been constantly harassed in-game by a group of people.

Hello my name is Itsgamerdoc

I am a known by my video editing for players like Dafran, Montecristo, and many other people. I just wanna start off saying that I have ignored/blocked these people and try not to give these people attention as its literally what they want and I cannot keep up the constant, in-game harassment and social media harassment from these guys I will not mention these peoples name that much or show to much information but I will show some of it but if a blizzard employee wants that actually want to help me in this situation as I have already reached out before and nothing was done, these guys are constantly harassing me online.

I am memer myself and been toxic in the past myself but when I say toxicity I mean like "YOU ARE SO BAD HOW DID WE LOSE THE POINT" or like "YOU ARE SO BRAIN DEAD" and just random trash talk between people i know I have done some very questionable things and said stuff that I should have never said but some people are trying to make me look as bad as possible for trying to do the right thing which is getting rid of these people that have none stop griefed/wintraded 1000 or even more games in ranked.

so basically there is a discord group that is basically attacking ranked ladder on 4k+ where people have a list of inting specific people and am included in that list and many other people too they basically harass them throw the game or just snipe them on que or on their stream they go and say they gonna kill their families or kill their moms or just saying racial slurs constantly they have been attacking me personally very hard once I have exposed them and got some of their discord accounts banned some of them did not even get banned but some others did, there is this guy who wintraded to rank 1 for the past 6 months I exposed him and everyone else asked blizzard to force an investigation to ban this guy and he got parm banned on his main account and it did happen

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but I got major backlash for it since all they have done is made fun of my rank and how I look or my appearance in general and my real life situation since i had a very uncontrollable past and people like mendokusaii and taimou and iddqd and many others in the pro community helped me get through those tough times I will not mention these real life situations in here as i am not looking for empathy but am looking for this harassment to be stopped. I am just a guy that loves to play overwatch and loves the community and the friends I have made

all i am asking here is blizzard to please investigate these people I have VODS / screenshots ingame i have so much stuff to prove that these guys are constantly harassing me I just want blizzard to help me out here for once as i do not deserve this constant harassment from these people

here is a video of 1 game of them harassing me nonestop / a bit of more evidence of them harassing me constantly as they keep making new twitch accounts to keep harassing me online or twitter accounts or discord accounts they even try pretend to be me to my friends, to try cause drama

here is more stuff on these people and screenshots and logs of them being racist / threatening to kill people


I just wanna say I have never claimed to be a saint or am the best player in the world I have only avg peaked to 4,2k every season in overwatch and ended in GM every single season I have bad games and have huge losing streaks and am pretty sure everyone has those days where it feels impossible to win, All i am asking here is for this harassment to be stopped please.

If you want more info on this subject please message me on reddit

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