If Every Hero had a Passive

Overwatch8 - If Every Hero had a Passive

Disclaimer: Just for Fun.


  • D. Va : Essentially two lives in one with D. Va having limited resources until she returns to her mech.

  • Orisa : When Orisa is below half her health, she unsheathes a blade extension from her left arm. Her Melee now has a larger hit box and does triple the damage of a normal melee (90 instead of 30), to make her more of a close range threat for added protection.

  • Reinhardt : Reinhardt is not affected by movement abilities while his shield is up such as Lucio's Sound Wave, Brigitte's Whip Shot, or Orisa's Halt!

  • Roadhog : Roadhog is not able to be stunned while he uses any of his abilities, including his ultimate.

  • Winston : Winston's melee will deal knockback.

  • Wrecking Ball : Hammond's speed in his ball is increased by 50% when at a third of it's health which allows him to be in his flame ball duration as he picks up speed more quickly without the use of his hook.

  • Zarya : Zarya builds up energy through the use of her barriers to increase her damage output from her Particle Cannon


  • Ashe : After landing a head shot, Ashe's next scoped shot will do .25 more damage than normal.

  • Bastion : Reduces damage taken during other configurations by 20%

  • Doomfist : Doomfist gains personal temporary shield health as he does damage with his abilities.

  • Genji : Allows Genji to double jump and climb up walls

  • Hanzo : Allows Hanzo to climb up walls.

  • Junkrat : Keeps Junkrat from harm of his own bombs. When Junkrat dies he drops 5 bombs that detonate a second after his death where he once stood

  • McCree : If McCree eliminates an enemy with a headshot, his roll ability will reset allowing for his bullets to be refreshed more quickly if used.

  • Mei : Mei's abilities emit an icy aura from the ice that will freeze enemies nearby them for a second similar to her primary fire.

  • Pharah : Pharah can hover and remain in the air.

  • Reaper : Reaper regains health from the enemy if he damages them with his primary fire.

  • Soldier: 76 : When Soldier:76 drops his Biotic Field, teammates in critical health will heal more quickly while in the field with him.

  • Sombra : Sombra is able to see enemies while in critical health to Target them easier.

  • Symmetra : Symmetra supplies 25 shields to allies within 10 meters of herself. These decay the moment her allies are no longer near her.

  • Torbjorn : Torbjorn's turret will repair itself slowly after 3 seconds of remaining idle.

  • Tracer : If Tracer dies before using Rewind, she can use it to create a temporary copy of her self that can assist and do damage for 3 seconds. Tracer cannot use any abilities or ultimates while in this duration.

  • Widowmaker : When Widowmaker eliminates an enemy with a headshot, she can quickly see where other enemies are through the map for 1.5 seconds.


  • Ana : Allows Ana to heal herself 20% of what she heals her allies. If she’s at full health, allies within 5 meters of the affected ally will be healed 15% of what Ana heals.

  • Baptisite : Baptiste can jump higher if he crouches before a jump.

  • Brigitte : While Brigitte does damage with her Rocket Flail, she can heal herself and teammates around her.

  • Lucio : Lucio can use walls to his advantage to gain momentum and travel faster.

  • Mercy : Mercy heals herself after a second of not tasking damage. : Mercy can slow her fall speed.

  • Moira : If Moira's healing gauge is empty, she can sacrifice 100 her own health to double her healing output to her allies from her Biotic Grasp. This will not double her damaging grasp.

  • Zenyatta : If Zenyatta falls his teammembers can go to his dead body and be healed for 150 health each for 3 seconds after his death.

What passive ability would you give to your favorite heroes? Maybe grant another hero another passive like how Mercy has two? Let's hear it!

EXTRA: Passive Concepts!

  • : Hero cannot be headshotted unless their health is below 50%.
  • : Hero will automatically switch from one weapon to the other when the first weapon runs out of usage.
  • : Hero's healing capabilities increase the more damage they take and survive from.
  • : Hero is permanently airborne. Jump and crouch allow hero to ascend and descend respectively.
  • : Hero has robots assisting in damaging the enemies. Can be destroyed but will respawn after a cooldown.
  • : When the Hero is using their ultimate, they will not die until their ultimate's use is finished. Once they hit 0 health they cannot be healed no longer be healed.
  • : If an ally falls within 5 meters of the Hero, their damage and defense is increased by 10%. Has a cap of 30%
  • : The Hero can help build up their ally's ultimate charge quicker while assisting them.

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