Improving quick play by adding in daily missions/ Improving the achievement system.

Overwatch5 - Improving quick play by adding in daily missions/ Improving the achievement system.

First of all I made this post in the OverwatchUniversity, and got a few comments saying posting it here would be a lot better. So here is the link in case you want to read it there.

I will add a TL;DR down below. But if you are going to add a remark on why I said something be sure to check if I haven't addressed it already. If I forgot something please do tell me, I'm interested to see where this discussion will go.

In case you don't want to got there, I'll try to explain what it's all about and a few extra things I want to add. Might even make it look better than my paragraph post. I do not claim that all of the ideas posted below are my own. I have used ideas from other users too. If you want to read all of those look at the comments on the other reddit post I made.

Anything I mention is a concept. Please keep that in mind. Everything is open for debate.

LINK: https://www.reddit.com/r/OverwatchUniversity/comments/a4vu02/improving_quick_play_by_adding_in_daily_quests/

Small heads up: it's pretty a pretty long post. Sorry! ^^


DISCLAIMER: Missions can't force you to play a role! This is something I want to highlight because all of the issues it could bring to the normal gameplay experience. And these are not final designs for those missions!

exg: "Swap to this role"

"I can't playing for this mission"

Playing quick play is most of the time a struggle to get wins if people pick any character they want. For example everyone picks the DPS they want to play, and run against a wall that is the other team with a "decent" team comp.

I forgot to mention in my post that there are also tank mains and support mains that often find themselves in a situation where there are no healers/tanks to help them.

The thing I suggested is we add in "Quests / daily missions". Now many people said they like the idea and others said that daily missions would be a pain to complete. To that many users gave great ideas for improving that idea. I'll list a few below.

  • Get 5000 damage dealt with firestrike.
  • Play support or tank and secure a win.
  • Heal 10000+ in a game.
  • Deal 10000+ damage in a game.

You get the idea. The system ideally wouldn't punish the players that are not actively going for these quests, but reward those who are willing to extend the hero pool they currently enjoy playing/mastered.

A concern from another user was: "What if another player is just bad at a character and doesn't really help the team?" Well I think it would be best to keep this system only in quick play. (Others have said to include it in both ranked and quick play, I think it would have an impact of some degree on ranked.) There are also others that mention adding this to quick play or ranked would make the players focus on other things and the developers wanted quick play to resemble competitive as much as possible. Thus adding it to arcade would be a better idea. The only thing developers have to do then is add the system and make sure it is achievable in the current rotating game modes.

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For example random heroes or elims would be harder to make this system work around.


Also what many people commented is they wanted to see an updated achievement system. I will also mention that there are many against it, making people focusing harder on getting those achievements than on actual gameplay. Which could indeed result in a negative effect on the current games. Like people not wanting to swap in favor of getting a certain achievement. (But let's be honest in quick play many people don't even swap. Of course there are those who do. Thank you for that.)


Some users suggested that every character gets more achievements that require some sort of grinding to unlock. It's sort of like a system other games use to encourage players to play characters/roles. This doesn't need to be hero specific and could revolve around the different roles there are in the game. Again any ideas you might have do comment them below.


Now obviously you might be thinking what's in it for me? Well what blizzard could do is give us more sprays, coins or even icons. Someone even suggested for the achievement to get animated player icons! Let's say we load in a game and we see an animated rein icon telling us that player has invested a lot of time in rein. (This is an example of how the rewards could look. :D)

We even discussed a possibility of getting a skin for a set of achievements completed. Let's say 5 completed get you a "purple" quality skin. If you get 10 you get a "legendary" one. These skin will be unavailable from any lootboxes making them rare.

Of course this will make players go for these rewards exclusively more than normally but this is still a concept. Any ideas on fixing that will be welcome in the comments.

More general reward could be adding in really expensive skins. And after you complete a mission you get a certain amount of coins. This will probably be a not so liked idea. (Blizzard will probably be against that for buying lootboxes.)

Now on a more controversial topic: Competitive Points. I have read in the comments on the other post there are people who want to get rewarded with cp after completing the rewards. Getting them after completing those would allow for blizzard to incorporate ways for casual players to also achieve golden guns. Rather than them queueing up and not playing to the competitive expectations of others . But of course Jeff himself said he regretted putting those in the game.

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I think personally that it would be very nice to have added. But many players who grinded ranked to get the shiny guns will most likely disagree. Not that I would blame you for that.


Finally you can stop reading this random guys post! Yay!

I think the current quick play needs improvement for many players. I do think it should remain a place where you can play what you want and how you want. But it should reward the players that do help the team be rewarded more for doing so. If an extra arcade is needed to add these changes so be it. If nothing is going to be implemented of the thing mentioned above. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Blizzard will probably see it and who know maybe take it in consideration. If needed I'll even think of those achievements (with some of the hero mains reddits, I'm not gonna come up with that many hero specific things!)

Anyway thanks for reading and maybe I'll see you ingame.


  • Motivating players to play different roles/characters by implementing daily missions/weekly
  • Achievements could use a revamp/ update.
  • Rewards could go from new sprays to possible skins and icons that move. Who knows maybe even CP.

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