Introduction to the Vancouver Titans!

Overwatch1 - Introduction to the Vancouver Titans!

The Titans are comprised almost entirely of the former Runaway roster, with their only addition so far being Rapel of Element Mystic. Runaway has historically been one of the most popular Overwatch teams – here’s a summary of why.

Vancouver TitansTwitter / Website


Head Coach: Ji-Sub ”paJion” Hwang – Twitter

paJion is one of the many members of Titans who were once on KR Trials team Bon’s Spirit Gaming, however unlike the players he was never a part of Runaway. His main accomplishments come from coaching Fusion University alongside Aero to their two consecutive Contenders wins in 2018. He is 28 years old and will be leading the coaching staff.

Assistant Coach: Yang-Won ”Yang1” Kwon – Twitter

Yang1 joined Runaway as coach near the end of APEX Season 4 and has been coaching the team ever since, helping guide the team to their Contenders win before joining them on the Titans.

Assistant Coach: Harsha ”Harsha” BandiTwitter

Harsha is an Overwatch coach, analyst and former content creator. He is known for the podcasts Around the Watch and Through the Grapevine as well as his YouTube analysis videos, which he has been producing since closed beta. Harsha joined the San Francisco Shock for Overwatch League Season 1 as an analyst, and parted ways at the end of the season. He was announced as part of Vancouver’s coaching staff a few months later.



Sang-Beom ”Bumper” Park – Twitch

Bumper is the main tank player for Vancouver, but he is known for his incredible flexibility. He is one of few players to have played every role at a pro level except DPS. Despite his constant shuffling of roles, he has been regarded very highly in every position. After changing to the main tank role for Contenders 2018 Season 1>, he has become known as one of the most proficient Reinhardt and Winston players, and is especially noted for his unbridled aggression. The strong synergy between himself and the Titan’s off-tank, Jjanu can be expected to lead to more spectacular ult combos like this. How well Bumper’s unique style can hold up to scrutinisation from OWL team analysts is yet to be seen, however if he can use his flexibility to learn different playstyle, he may remain one of the best.

Hyeon-Woo ”JJANU” Choi – Twitter / Twitch

JJANU is the off tank player for the Titans, and regarded as one of the best D.Va players in Korea. He has also played Roadhog and Hammond on occasion, but D.Va’s prevalence in the meta has kept him stuck in D.Va jail. During his time on Runaway, he also alternated between roles. Originally recruited by the team as a main tank, he filled as support shortly after, before eventually settling on the off-tank position. Aside from being able to set up massive combos as previously mentioned, JJANUis also a very capable peeler. Check out this clip of him swooping in to save his Ana’s life with this DM. While DV.a is in the meta, JJANU and his synergy with Bumper will be hard to replace, but he remains somewhat unproven on the other off-tanks, which may be important to keep an eye on.

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Hyo-Jong ”Haksal” Kim – Twitch

Haksal is a flex DPS player, who originally made a name for himself on Genji, before also establishing himself as a top tier Pharah, Doomfist and Zarya. He was one of the original Runaway members, joining the team at the age of 15 and quickly becoming a staple of the roster. Haksal has also flexed to other roles, playing both Lucio and Winston in pro matches. His synergy with fellow DPS player Stitch is especially established, having played alongside each other since 2016. Here’s an example of his proficiency blading and chaining dashes.


Chung-Hee ”Stitch” LeeTwitch

Stitch was the other half of the famous Runaway DPS duo, specialising in hitscan. Stitch was initially known for his Tracer and McCree), two heroes on which he was considered amongst the best in the world at one point. In recent seasons of Korean Contenders however, Stitch has focused much more heavily on Widowmaker as well. Historically he has had a strong Roadhog and Soldier: 76, but has not played them for some time. Some classic Stitch Tracer on display here. Stitch’s position as a main rostered player is far from certain, being substituted in Contenders Season 2 as well. He has competition for the hitscan role, especially without his signature Tracer.

Min-Soo ”Seominsoo” Seo – Twitter / Twitch

Seominsoo was initially most known for his time on RX Foxes in APEX Season 4. He later joined Bon’s Spirit Gaming, then Runaway as a DPS/flex player. He showed limited success on Doomfist but settled comfortably into the Zarya role as the meta became more tank heavy. A fight winning Graviton. His role on the Titans as metas change may be unpredictable, given JJANU’s far superior DV.a.

Dong-Eun ”Hooreg” LeeTwitter / Twitch

Hooreg is a DPS player originally from GC Busan, who was the silent carry of their Royal Road win in APEX Season 4. He moved with the rest of GC Busan to London Spitfire for OWL Season 1, but he was made inactive when the Spitfire cut their roster down to only 7 active players. From there he moved to Runaway, where he struggled to perform well in their LAN matches despite being rumored to be a great difference maker in scrims. Hooreg’s path to redemption will lie in whether he can translate that rumoured off-stage performance into great results for the Titans in Season 2.

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Joo-Seok ”Twilight” Lee – Twitter / Twitch

While Twilight has always been a support player, he is best known for being the pioneer of Sombra play during his time with CONBOX Spirit. He established Sombra in the meta as a pseudo-healer capable of rapidly generating fight-winning EMPs.Many players and teams modelled their Sombra play styles and strategies off of Twilight’s performance. After moving to Runaway he also made a name for himself as a fearsome Ana and Zenyatta player during Contenders Seasons 1 and 2. Here he is setting up a huge EMP.

Sung-Jun ”SLIME” Kim – Twitter / Twitch

SLIME is another Bon’s Spirit Gaming alum who moved to Runaway. While he was initially somewhat quiet, over the course of Contenders Korea Season 2 Slime became an unstoppable duo with Twilight. He arguably showed the best Mercy play during the tournament. During the finals he was undoubtedly a contender for match MVP, with an unwavering top-tier performance across all 8 maps. Some sick Lucio play.

Jun-Keun ”Rapel” Kim – Twitch

Rapel was the flex support player for Element Mystic, known especially for his Zenyatta. His skill on the hero made him a staple of the team from the team’s inception. While generally he has been overlooked due to Jecse’s outstanding performances alongside him on support, Rapel was a consistent performer on EM and one of the best flex supports in Contenders Korea. His Zenyatta in action

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