It would be really cool if we had an Omnic Crisis horde defense mode

Overwatch3 - It would be really cool if we had an Omnic Crisis horde defense mode

Ok before I start this, I know there’s been an Omnic Crisis game mode, but that was essentially Kings Row with a few more objectives and a payload.

I was thinking recently about the lore behind Eichenwalde, what with all the downed bastions and the dead crusader on the throne.

Wouldn’t it be a really cool game mode for a group of, say 6-8 people, with the option to all play rein, or maybe soldier with a reskin so he looks like the infantry in the animated short?

Blizzard could do something like a wave based system with bastions and other robots that they rip from the uprising game mode. (I’m fairly sure that’s what it’s called).

You could hold basically point A with npc infantry and make the decision to fall back to the castle battlements and eventually inside it, as you lose more and more numbers.

Because it’s a doomed fight, after a while npc respawns could be restricted and your team will have to fight your way through, relying on health packs to try and hold the line, giving off the impression that they’re fighting a lost fight. (Reins and whatnot should probably spawn with more health)

I know you could do this in a custom game, but I feel like 6 AI Bastions wouldn’t give off the same effect as trying to hold the line against waves of 10-14 bastions at a time.

I know that this is impractical, what with all the focus on OWL, and it probably won’t happen, but I thought it would be really cool.


TLDR; It would be a really cool game mode if we could hold Eichenwalde against a horde of Omnics.

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