It’s true. All of it. (Life in low ranks)

Overwatch3 - It's true. All of it. (Life in low ranks)

Previously, I hadn't played much of the competitive game of Overwatch. Sometimes as few as 10 games per season. But recently I started to get into it more and more my motivation wasn't rank, but it was to enjoy games with lots of cooperation between players that communicated well and tried their best… and unlocking golden weapons, of course. Then, my headset stopped working, and everything changed. It was a cheap headset from a thrift store, but I didn't know how big a difference it made.

No longer could I ascertain the direction from which enemy footsteps were coming. No longer could my teammates hear my callouts, even as I did my best to speak loudly and clearly into my little laptop speaker.

And I fell. I was never very high, but I fell just enough to leave the region of "people who win more than lose" to "people who lose more than win."

Now, people run three different directions spamming "group up with me" and ignoring the others' callouts.

Now, Reins start the match charging straight into an enemy team of six, and then stop, right amongst their foes, to type in all caps "WHY AREN'T YOU WITH ME?", the text reaching our screen just after their inevitable doom.

Now, a gold-border player will sagely agree with me that we need more healers and tanks, while choosing to remain our 4th DPS himself.

Now is the time of the 1 vs. 6 EMP.


Now is the time of the DVA bomb outside the enemy spawn room.

Now is the Genji pressing deflect and running straight at Mei, attempting to double jump through her blizzard.

Widowmaker smurfs arrive, to collect footage of themselves dominating my scattered brethren. It will be set to music for their YouTube channels.

Dorado. Defense. My ice wall has separated the enemy Rein from his team, he is a popsicle, and the Ana and I are trying to finish him off together. Our Rein walks around the payload, up the stairs, and then charges from the balcony over the heads of the remaining five enemies, dying without killing any of them. "I HAVE GOLD DAMAGE, MEI WHAT ARE YOU DONIG?" he informs us.

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It's true. All of it.

And in my hour of despair, I have discovered hope. Bastion is now viable again. Extremely viable. Pharahs. Normal Widowmakers. Hanzos. Even Ashes. If I spray enough bullets in their direction, even a mile away, they go into hiding and do not return. Winstons and Wrecking Balls leap on top of me and melt. One after another, I break the shields unchallenged, and my team begins to advance.

Even as my far-afield Rein lets us know that I am throwing, because I am not healing him any more… I know deep in my heart that this little Omnic will save me.

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