Junkrat’s ptr “buffs” are a step in the wrong direction

Overwatch6 - Junkrat's ptr "buffs" are a step in the wrong direction

Increased projectile speed right

People “Feel” its better, and somehow that constitutes as fact, and I’m here to just lay down the actual math on this, the real facts (as well as others).

Its an insignificant ‘boost’ for direct fire, and an overall net nerf to junkrats Utility as a unique character.

Lets see…

  • Most common speed of characters is 5.5m/s ,
  • Junkrats 0.2m wide Projectile moved at 20m/s .
  • Lets presume a hitbox is … 1.5 meters wide.
  • A character needs to shift 0.8 meters in any direction if a junkrat is throwing a projectile their way.
  • So .17 seconds is enough time to move out of a perfect shot with perfect timing. Which puts the max close range to junkrat primary fire at…


  • Under PERFECT conditions, someone just has to be strafing beyond 3.4 meters away to avoid junkrat…

Now, with the 'buff"

  • Projectile Speed is 25m/s
  • Enemies only have to be 25% further away to dodge a perfect, dead to rights shot.OR


This has effectively done nothing for junkrat, most engagements are well beyond 5 meters, and no one is perfect aim even with hitscans, so assuming junkrat is going to nail every shot at Sub 5 meters and somehow Not Die getting in that close is just presumptuous poppycock.

I don’t believe Blizzard is going to see a higher accuracy/damage/KDR rating with him much over the course of PTR or when you roll this change out.

In the meantime. Junkrat has lost:

  • Reliable Bank shots
    • Bank Shots are not always bouncing at their expected angle.
  • Under Shots
    • Payloads and other structures that have gaps in them took more than 1 bounce to get under to catch an enemy off-guard.
  • Overhead shots
    • In the case of bouncing shots over tall structures, if often meant bouncing off the roof of said obstacle. Removing extra bounces depleats junkrat's effectiveness in landing hits on the other side ( See Junkertown, Hanamura, Paris, Kings Row, Etc)
  • Ground Bounces
    • Often you find you need to catch a jump/ ADAD spamming enemy soldier at mid range. To do this you would bounce low shots in combination with lead (pronounced leed ) shots. This is no longer as effective at combat range because ground shots IMMEDIATELY lose 50% velocity the moment they touch the ground, even if the first shot is intentded to hit the ground.
  • Slopes/Stair cover
    • In conjunction with no ground shots, the same goes for gumming up stairwells or using stairwells/slopes to bounce shots out of openings. This removes junkrats ability to maintain cover while getting the drop on enemies or at least covering an entrance/exit from an advantageous point.
  • Grenade Reliability
    • Lets call this an Existential Grenade Crisis
    • Grenades just… disappear now when grazing surfaces, random clipping into geometry, no more bounce, no explosion from an end-of-life on the projectile… it just… DISAPPEARS. As if shots passing THROUGH enemy hitboxes wasn’t already bad enough, the grenades become aware of their digital existence and delete themselves

The list kinda goes on like that.

So, lets look at what this was supposed to SOLVE:


Developer Comments: With this change, we’re looking to slightly increase the range at which Junkrat can land direct hits. The speed of his bombs has increased, but we tuned it so this wouldn’t affect the arc of his projectile. This means that aiming with it will feel the same. The grenades bounce less and explode sooner, which will allow Junkrat to aim them more deliberately. This will reduce the amount of rolling grenade spam when playing against him.

This has nothing to do with ‘spam’. Junkrats who are going to spam, are GOING to spam, just like hanzo on corners, but Hanzo has the advantage of a Sonic arrow and crit shots for that.

This, is a technical excuse for the real reason junkrat was nerfed, something every junkrat player has been VERY aware of since Season 1.

Simply Put:

  • Junkrat Punishes the Unaware.
  • For the unaware to die to Junkrat, feels bad when you don’t understand Junkrat, or cant accept that YOU are the one who made the mistake of walking into a danger zone, or not listening to the environment.

Junkrat is not quiet , he’s not inherently stealthy. The only characters I think with louder impact in foot traffic is Bastion and Reaper jumping. Its hard to not be aware of his presence, yet he is the one being punished for other peoples inability to simply, move out of the way.


Indirect Nerfs

Much like previous Junkrat nerfs both direct and indirect, this was paired with an indirect nerf, several, but more importantly, Baptiste.

As he is, Baptiste already negates most of junkrats damage in combat. He’s got a burst aoe heal constantly available, a cool down heal, and a cooldown ANTI-DEATH field. All these things, are inherently anti Junkrat. Prevents kills, prevents burst damage from being effective. Its a whole bunch of not-rat here.

So with all this in mind, here’s the problem.

It does nothing to change the poorly construed perception of :

  • Junkrat Takes NO Skill
  • Junkrat is BrainDead
  • Junkrats Cant Aim
    • And Other FUN little sayings people have for Junkrats who are just trying to get by without being harrassed.

Accepting this change as a boost is inherently flawed.Expecting the community to change their opinions is VERY hopeful at best, but have you SEEN the community?

But ultimately, it has removed Utility and, very importantly for a game, the FUN of playing Junkrat.

I don’t suspect we will see any real commentary on this subject. It would be nice for someone to chime in and explain how any of this is false , or how it is truly a positive change for Junkrat.

TL;DR: This was a nerf, plain and simple.

-Alexis, a grandmaster junkrat main

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