Junkrats speed change has made him statistically worse

Overwatch10 - Junkrats speed change has made him statistically worse

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so about a month ago i posted this: https://www.reddit.com/r/OverwatchUniversity/comments/b7omum/junkrats_ptr_buff_is_a_step_in_the_wrong_direction/

heres a follow up to that post

Well its simple, junkrats PR has gone from a 3% to 2% and his WR has gone from a 52% to a 50% since the speed change (was 49% this morning, this is also across all ranks)

lets look at the speed change in detail:

  • Reliable Bank shots
  • Under Shots
  • Overhead Shots
  • Ground Bounces
  • Slopes/Stair Cover
  • Grenade Reliability

  • Slightly More Range to Reliably Hit Shots
  • More Control Over His Spam



Primary Fire

  • Damage goes 130 -> 100 -> 80 upon each bounce
  • Size goes 0.3 -> 0.25 -> 0.2 upon each bounce

Concussion Mine

  • Falloff Damage removed
  • Damage reduced to 80 in air
  • Mine does 120 flat damage if planted on surface


  • Remove pause after detonating tire (camera immediately goes back to Junk, it was like this before season 6, no idea why it was removed.)


Why the projectile changes?

Playing at close range is extremely risky and wastes Junkrat’s ability to shoot around corners from safety, Junkrat is squishy and easy to punish at close range, especially at high levels of play. D.VA will eat up your escape mine. Widow will pick you off for getting too greedy. Orisa will pull you into a choke and kill you. Ana will sleep you and her team will kill you. Roadhog will hook combo you. Hanzo will pick you off from range. Mei will freeze you then icicle head shot you. Mccree will…. oh you get the point, no need to continue

There are a million reasons not to play Junkrat primarily as a close range brawler, which is what the 0.3 to 0.2 nerf encouraged.

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This is a big deal because most of the game doesn’t take place in chokes!!

Most of the game is fights on an open point. Spam doesn’t fit the bill in team fights and duels in the open. You have to hit skill-shots on highly mobile targets with arguably the hardest weapon to reliably hit with in the game because of the nerf, Junkrat is unable to do so consistently (outside of melee range), regardless of mechanical skill and prediction. That’s why this change needs to be reverted.

the speed buff didn't fix that. it added about a meter and a half to his reliable range while removing many tactical bank shots:

Lets see…

  • Most common speed of characters is 5.5m/s, some exceptions to this rule include, Lucio speed boost, Tracer and Genji, Mccree's deadeye, Brigitte's rally, ect.
  • Junkrat's 0.2m wide Projectile moved at 20m/s .
  • Lets presume a hitbox is … 1.5 meters wide.
  • A character needs to shift 0.8 meters in any direction if a junkrat is throwing a projectile their way.
  • So .17 seconds is enough time to move out of a perfect shot with perfect timing. Which puts the max close range to junkrat primary fire at…


  • Under PERFECT conditions, someone just has to be strafing beyond 3.4 meters away to avoid junkrat…

Now, with the 'buff"

  • Projectile Speed is 25m/s
  • Enemies only have to be 25% further away to dodge a perfect, dead to rights shot. OR…..


How that math is done

Estimated size of hitbox + diameter of projectile divide by 2. Only have to move just beyond 1/2 that to dodge something in the middle. Then character movement speed of 5.5, projectile of 25… and the distance covered by both, so, how long does it take to move sideways, how far has a projectile traveled in that time, there's your distance. Human reaction time is questionable because of how lag and shooter favor is done. Its very tiny, but, given the normal engagement ranges, the main point is that at a good distance, Junkrat IS dodgeable, and is dodged often.

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As for the other 2 changes…. the mine change makes his mine damage more consistent while keeping his mine combo and not messing with the already buggy hit detection. The tire camera thing is mostly a quality of life change, it was removed when junkrat first got his double mine

– LesbianLexi, a grandmaster Junkrat main

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