List of Confirmed Upcoming Overwatch Content and Features

Overwatch3 - List of Confirmed Upcoming Overwatch Content and Features

I decided to jot down some notes from the Dev's recent live streams where they talked about what's to come after the Archives event. I also used Your Overwatch as a guide. Hopefully this can shed some light for everyone who felt that the recent event was lacking in any real substance.

  • Evil Omnic will most likely be the next hero if not he's in the works.

  • Echo is awesome and playable but not next hero.

  • Sojourn/Junkerqueen were teased.

  • Feature content is where the dev team's focus will shift towards.

  • No more hero reworks, minimal character balancing from now on – wait and see mode, especially towards Mercy.

  • 1 huge suprise feature coming up before Anniversary event Jeff is hyping up, described as a "passion project".

  • Another heavily requested feature coming end of summer (hinted towards being some sort of role queue).

  • Jeff says he personally resonates with the idea of forcing a 222 rather than subjecting others to peer pressure and unstable MMR.

  • Does recognize DPS queue times would be 15 minutes long as a con.

  • Might enable quests/challenges to encourage non DPS play.

  • Jeff went at great lengths to say that guilds/clans is not coming in the near feature. He really loves the idea and the dev team wants it, but its extremely hard to do and they want to make sure the console experience would be just as good as the PC before it happens.

  • F2P possibly happening, vague answer.

  • Cross platform play is something they'd love to do but no plans.

  • Overwatch on Switch not being ruled out.

  • More new heroes being worked on internally than ever before – possible expansion pack 2.0 coinciding with F2P.

  • Brand new arcade gamemodes coming – inspired by other shooters.

  • Excitement internally surrounding making a new core mode aside from payload, control, 2cp, hybrid – no timeline.

  • Devs are attempting to test some solutions to 2cp as a gamemode – 1) tried moving defense spawn for A closer to prevent snowball, was a failure because even more stall 2) spawn delay system for defenders may get retuned.

  • Feedback on Storm Rising criticism – taking negative criticism of it seriously 1) Maybe they need to relabel the diffuculties because many thought it was too easy 2) Less tension led to it feeling shorter and underwhelming 3) Admit they only spent 6 months on it whereas all other PVEs took over a year.

  • There will be a new D.Va skin in the new Anniversary event that will "break the internet"

  • More comics are coming

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