Malto Zanyatta Skin fan design

Overwatch9 - Malto Zanyatta Skin fan design


Hearthstone cards dealer Malto is a human mage, first appeared in the animated short film "Hearthstone and Home". Based on the original character of Hearthstone, I think his feature is similar with Zenyatta, so I designed this skin. Because the character itself has a prototype, the design is limited, so I focus on its expressiveness.

Orbs are designed as mana crystals, because the hexagon could not be made into a perfect sphere, which I redesign as a pentagon.

In addition to the ideas shown on the drawing, there are some other ideas, such as the change of the harmony into a health icon on the head of ally, the orb of discord being a attack icon, the pattern under the foot changed into the Hearthstone logo during transcendence. However, due to the limited production requirements, they could not be realized, and it is not drawn (this is just the fan design that will not be made into the game).


Actually, he may not be a dealer, but if he can project cards instead of his destructive energy orb in the game, that will be very cooool.

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