Molten Core / Glass Cannon Archives Tips

Overwatch1 - Molten Core / Glass Cannon Archives Tips

Got these two sprays yesterday – I am not entirely sure if the Uprising challenges will end once the Retribution challenges become active, but if you're interested in getting them, you should work on getting them before the week resets on Thursday. Here is a guide full of tips and tricks for those who are interested in getting these achievements / sprays.

Uprising Overall Tips & Tricks

These Archives Challenge missions are on the Expert Difficulty setting – if you haven't played Expert yet, I highly recommend you do to get the feel of the difficulty.

The first three capture points are fairly easy, with Point B being the hardest since you're out in the open. Take these capture points slow and steady. Generally speaking, if your team is dying here, it means A) your team composition sucks and / or B) your team is playing too aggressively. Back out and change because the more you die, the longer you take to revive – and you don't want your waste your deaths so early on. Plus tbh, if you're dying a lot at these stages, it's not a good outcome for later one.

  • TIP: When you're in the cathedral, STAY IN THE CATHEDRAL. Most of the time, people die because they went outside into the courtyard to fight. Don't do this, your healer can't get to you safely out there.

Don't forget that Enforcers (enemies with the shield up front) have a glowing weak spot on their back.

Defending the payload (timer section) is incredibly difficult, as it's very easy to get overwhelmed.

  • The Detonator bombs should be focused immediately – as the shell cracks, aim for the orange spots to deal headshot damage. If you have a shield, you may be able to position it just right to block the damage as they explode. If you have a hero that can displace them, you may be able to bop them away right when they explode. Both of these latter options are risky.
  • The Bastions will appear at the 2-minute mark. The first one usually (but not always) will appear on the right. They are always your priority, and your team needs to attack as soon as they appear. We always had one person keeping an eye on the left , one person on the right.
    • If you can displace them (boop, charge, bash, or any displacement), then that gives your team more time to deal with them.
  • Bastion and Detonator bombs are the worst of this mode – rotate Ultimates to deal with them, one is usually enough.
  • You don't have to kill every robot- once the timer ends at 0:00, all remaining robots die. So if everyone is dying, and you have 10-15 seconds left, don't try to be a martyr – go hide until the timer is done and the robots die, then go revive whoever is dead. Many times a Bastion has wiped out 3 of the party towards the end, and the final person just hid until the countdown is done.

Escorting the payload is fairly easy (the payload heals you slightly over time, and everyone can hug the payload) – except for the Tank Bastions. You'll hear it announce itself with a cute little tune, followed by terrifying tank explosions. For this, immediately scatter and not be next to each other – as the tank explosions HURT A LOT and can take out players grouped together. The team all must shift attention to the Tank Bastion (one alone is not enough).

For the final fight against the OR-14's, the general tip is to ignore the first OR-14, and walk around the edges and kill all the sentry Bastion's – which will make the OR-14's easier. If you choose not to kill all of them right away, it's still doable but harder – however, you absolutely need to kill the final Bastion who is in the back left of the area before fighting the final 2 OR-14's as it's the nearly impossible otherwise.

This isn't Legendary difficulty, so you CAN take your time for the final fight, and carefully position your team.

A Tank Bastion will usually spawn from the entrance of the area behind you fairly often – listen for explosions and prepare to deal with it. Often, being unprepared for it and letting it surprise us was how we lost.

Heroes to Use (& Avoid)

I've messed around with multiple heroes in both modes, and here are a few of the ones that did great work. Generally speaking, the combination is usually:

  • Torbjorn (basically mandatory, but if you choose not to use him, it's a lot harder)
  • Orisa
  • Moira / Baptiste
  • Flexible (typically second tank for Glass Cannon, more flexible for Molten Core)

Torbjorn is by far the best hero in any PvE mode. His turret essentially acts as a fifth party member, is good at cleaning up enemies, and adds just another extra layer of damage.

  • For defending the payload timer section, I often put the turret above and behind the payload in the building above at the start, as it's less likely to be destroyed. You can put it on the payload directly, but that means it's destroyed much more often there.
  • Torbjorn's turret for the Glass Cannon for some reason still retains its 250 HP so it's also a good place to duck behind during some segments of the fight. The turret's damage is also increased it seems and it can quickly clean up enemies and prevent you from being overwhelmed
  • Torbjorn's Molten Core is excellent for Detonator's and Bastion's – and since you only need a few puddles to deal with them, you can use the rest to surround the payload to take care of splicers. Plus it builds up super quickly.

Orisa can both lay down a shield and fire long distance damage. The other shield tanks are decent but Orisa has long been one of the best tank heroes for Uprising. Her Supercharger Ultimate is also a great way of handling tough enemies as well.

For healers, Moira and Baptiste are the strongest healers imo.

  • Moira can spray most of the members quickly.
    • For Glass Cannon, Moira only needs to do a very short spray to keep team members' health topped up. She should only be throwing out healing orbs in either mode.
    • Glass Cannon allows Moira to recharge her resource very fast, so you can be generous with healing if you want.
  • Baptiste can heal multiple allies at once per shot, and his Regenerative Burst can keep team members healthy for a good duration.
    • Immortality Field is by far one of the best abilities in Glass Cannon. If Baptiste throws it behind a wall where enemies can't shoot at it, then this allows your team to freely stand out in the open and kill an enemy Bastion. Immortality Field allowed us to quickly kill enemy OR-14's and Bastion's without having to constantly duck behind cover.
    • Amplification Matrix is also good at removing Detonators.

The last role is a bit more flexible for the team. For Glass Cannon, a lot of teams have used a

Bastion is pretty good – but they really needs an Orisa / Sigma to shield them. Bastion can quickly eliminate Detonator's and Bastion's quickly without any Ultimate required, BUT they're a sitting duck, so they need a bit of team support to stay alive.


Roadhog is excellent for Glass Cannon. His healing ability basically makes him invulnerable and a good shield for the team. He can also hook sentry Bastion's and displace them, forcing them to have to walk back to their original spot. Plus he does a ton of damage in Glass Cannon and can quickly kill enemies. Whole Hog is fantastic for Detonator's AND Bastion's.

Sigma is good for Glass Cannon solely because he's another tank (so higher HP), and can absorb Bastion's bullets. His second shield is fantastic if paired with Orisa – one shield covers the left, one shield covers the right. Plus his Ultimate can one shot the last two OR-14 units if you can get both of them.

Not great, but viable heroes:

  • D.Va is not a terrible choice. While her damage is pretty weak for Glass Cannon, if she can get the Bastion's attention, she can use Defense Matrix to pull in all of its bullets while your team focuses the Bastion down. Her bomb is pretty good too, but out of her tank, she's basically dead.
  • Soldier: 76 is good simply because he can do respectable damage and heal with his biotic field, which takes some pressure off from the one healer.
  • Mercy is a decent choice for Molten Core, but struggles to keep multiple allies alive when they're all dying. Not recommended for Glass Cannon as she struggles to juggle all allies when they all have low health.
  • Lucio is a decent choice for Glass Cannon, constantly keeping allies up. He just struggles when there's a giant influx of damage, and he doesn't have anything besides Amp it Up to keep allies alive.

Not recommended:

  • All close range heroes for Molten Core, which include Reinhardt, Winston, Reaper, Brigitte, Mei, Symmetra, Doomfist, etc.
  • Tracer is basically dead in Glass Cannon.
  • Widow and Ashe. They're both really only single target attackers. Widow can't knock out enemies quickly, and Ashe's reloading mechanic often makes her a detriment to the team since she reloads one bullet at a time. Ashe at least has Dynamite and B.O.B. but neither make up for her inability to handle giant mobs.
  • While Zen's Discord is great for enemies, his healing is way too slow to keep up with the influx of damage.
  • I've tried to make Brigitte work but she doesn't do very well once the Bastion comes into play. She's really good at keeping your team's health up during the Glass Cannon challenge… but she has to constantly hit something and many times, the enemies are already dead before she can smack them. Plus she's useless against Bastion (maybe to bop them away), and is completely dead weight during the final fight.


(in addition to the above Uprising Tips, how to deal with the challenge mode additions here)

Molten Core

  • Obviously, don't step in the lava if you can. The only places with a timer are defending the payload, and the OR-14 fights – otherwise, back up if you can.
  • As stated before, no close range heroes here. The fourth member can either be a long range Damage character to help take out enemies before they get close to you, or Sigma to provide a second shield to keep the payload healthy.
  • Your healer basically needs to keep healing everyone as much as possible, as health will gradually be taken down. If you're on fire, and it's very obvious when you are, jump out as soon as you can.
  • One of the hardest parts of this mode is that it's very easy to lose because the payload's health goes down to 0% – often because while your team is dying from lava which prevents you guys from destroying splicers and Detonators. Detonators are very difficult in this mode, and your team will need to focus fire on them.
  • The main issue with this mode is that when you get swarmed by multiple enemies up close, you'll then be surrounded by lava – your healer will need to work overtime to keep you all alive during the swarms of robot lava, and it's up to you to move out of the lava so you're not just letting yourself die.
  • While the payload is a very small space, it's above the ground which means you're above the lava. This works well until the Bastion comes out – then you're all grouped up together which means it's easy for Bastion to come out. Again, be prepared for Bastion and have a few strategies of how to deal with them.
  • It's really not that much different from regular Expert mode – the main issue is that your healer just has to work even harder to mitigate all the lava damage your team will take, and that you need to focus on killing enemies as soon as they appear so they don't get right next to you and spread lava near you.

Glass Cannon

  • You will die so fast it's crazy.
    • The payload never went below 80% in nearly all of my attempts, simply because we could easily destroy Detonator's and splicers within a few seconds. Detonator's were actually never a problem in this mode, you could easily just shoot them without any Ultimates and they'd die quickly.
      • THUS save your Ultimates when things get dire / when Bastion's arrive.
  • In a reverse from Molten Core, where you need to kill enemies as soon as they appear so they don't get close to you, you can just let enemies come into your space and deal with them there. Going off by yourself to handle enemies is usually a death sentence here.
  • The main strategy is to use Torbjorn's turret for that extra damage, and be aggressive enough to shoot down enemies before they shoot you. You can usually shoot enemies quickly enough that most can't damage you – however, it'll only take a few hits to take you out.
    • Putting Torbjorn's turret in the alcove to the right behind and above the payload usually worked – it almost never got destroyed and had full range of the field still.
    • Torbjorn's turret is one of the few things that doesn't have reduced health – shields and hero's health are reduced, but not Torbjorn's turret!
  • Moira needs to constantly be spraying you (she can recharge her resource fast anyways) and Baptiste needs to just pump healing into your team (Regenerative Burst when it comes up). Chip damage here stacks up fast when you only have about 70 Health.
  • For sentry Bastion's, who can take you out within a few seconds, you have to either:
    • everyone focus fire on it (recommended)
    • use one Ult on them
    • Roadhog can hook and shoot them
    • have Baptiste throw an Immortality field around a corner, wall, or pillar and let your team safely deal with them
  • For tank Bastion's, they can one shot you. One person should never try to handle them alone – listen for where they're coming from, and hide on the opposite side of the shield.
    • For escorting the payload, Torbjorn's turret is usually strong enough to actually handle splicers alone. If you need to leave the payload and deal with a Tank Bastion, just leave the turret there – it can handle things just fine.
  • For the final fight, Baptiste's Immortality field is great at giving you a few seconds of invulnerability (provided he throws it around a wall), which is often more then enough time to destroy enemies.

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