New Map Mode Idea: Protection

Overwatch7 - New Map Mode Idea: Protection

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High Level Concept: Defenders protect a stationary, destructible objective. Attackers attempt to destroy this objective. At the halfway point of the match, the objective changes its position.

Win Conditions: Team with most destruction percentage after two rounds wins. Teams which destroy the objective in any round keep their time bank for subsequent rounds as necessary.


Q: Isn’t this just a variant of 2CP?

A: Not really. It’s a single objective, not two separate objectives. Also, isn’t Hybrid just a variant of Payload and 2CP?

Q: Why does the objective move halfway through the round?

A: Defensive team compositions (“bunker comps”) can easily become entrenched and lead to defensive steamrolls. Forcing the defending team to move their entire composition ensures that the attacking team will always have at least one window of opportunity to break through such a steamroll.

Q: Is the objective open to attack when moving?

A: Maybe! I can see both version being fun and viable. Maybe it moves into the ground and goes through an underground tunnel, or maybe it teleports or something. This version only forces a reposition and doesn’t have a point C.

Alternatively, the middle portion of the map turns into a short Reverse Payload section, effectively creating a flow like this: Point A – stationary, Point B – Reverse Payload, Point C – stationary.

Q: What the heck is a Reverse Payload?!

A: In Payload, the attackers are attempting to push the payload; it moves while they are in control of it. In this Reverse Payload variant, the payload moves when the defenders are in control of it instead.

Q: Wouldn't this require a bunch of new maps with very specific map design?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: How much HP does the objective have?


A: I have no idea. This is a value that would require a great deal of testing to get right. Off the top of my head I’d guess about 20 – 25k, but I’m probably wrong.

Q: Do Ultimates damage the objective?

A: I think they must be able to, or it would seem very unfair and biased against damage characters, which is already an issue in the current meta. Two options for dealing with this are, a) they deal reduced damage, say 50%, or b) the objective HP pool is much larger and ultimates are essentially necessary to break it down.

Q: Does damaging the objective charge ultimates?

A: Personally, I think that's a bad idea. Just imagine Dragonstrike spam and you'll see my point.

Q: How exposed are the objectives?

A: Again, this would require testing. Personally, I would like to see something that is small enough to fit behind a properly placed Orisa or Winston shield, but large enough that Reinhardt’s shield couldn’t fully block frontal damage at the very top.

Q: Doesn’t this make flanking and high-ground the only choice?

A: Not the only choice, just strong contenders, as they are in every Overwatch map mode. Also, both Rein and Winston can block damage from any direction, and Orisa is only limited in a small arc on top.

Q: BUT SNIPERS THOOOOOO!!!!11sasdfsalmakf!

A: Yes, map design is a real consideration.

Q: Wait, are the objectives round?

A: Probably? I can see square also being viable, but it amounts to the same amount of exposure. Access to the objective is really a question of map design, not objective design.

Q: How does Overtime work?

A: Reverse payload OT works the same as it does for payload. For the damage components, I think the OT timer resets whenever the objective takes damage, or maybe more than a certain amount of damage, say 25 or something.

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