Note to teammates: Moira’s ultimate heals 140 points per second — so push with it at your back.

Overwatch1 - Note to teammates: Moira's ultimate heals 140 points per second -- so push with it at your back.

I play in the high-Silverlow-Gold ranks, and it seems that I have to explain this in every game I play as Moira. (Do higher ranks need reminding, also?) Coalescence heals 140 points per second in a long straight line. It goes through enemy shields/barriers (unlike most other healing abilities, including Zenyatta's Transcendence). It is a great ultimate for breaking through choke points.

Teams should be communicating, but even if no one is on voice chat, if Moira keeps spamming her ultimate status voice lines:

"My ultimate is ready to be unleashed."

"Coalescence is ready."

"I am ready to unleash Coalescence."

"My ultimate is ready. Join me."

"Coalescence is ready. Advance with me."

The player is probably trying to get everyone to push with her ultimate. We can activate the ultimate first, and hope our teammates take the cue and start pushing. But the ultimate only lasts 8 seconds, so activating first usually wastes the beginning 2 seconds with everyone realizing and reacting. It's best for the tanks to start moving forward together, then Moira ults behind them. Even if you take some damage before the ult comes up, 140 heals will top you off quickly.

Once the ultimate starts, try to fight in a line, or at least a tight group. Splitting off in different directions takes you out of the healing beam, or requires Moira to swing back and forth weakening the full effect.


It is so frustrating to activate Coalescence and my team just continues to mill about on our side of a choke point. Or they rush forward and then scatter in three different directions. Or they move around corners or into rooms/buildings cutting off Moira's beam to them.

Here is an example of a typical low-Gold competitive game for me as Moira: https://youtu.be/AhrmloHNPHg It's not till near the end of our payload push that my team comes to understand how to push with Coalescence.

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Now, having said all the above, I do understand that some Moira players use their ultimate as a damage beam. They ignore their teammates and just focus on damaging the enemy. Although the beam does go through enemy shield/barriers, it only does 70 damage per second. Against armored opponents (like Reinhardt, who is often the shield/barrier Moiras want to damage through), her damage is even less (35DPS?)

If the Moira on your team is this kind of DPS Moira, you can maybe still jump in front of who she's targeting, and help her DPS them down while getting some heals. It's terribly inefficient, but it's a way to maybe work with a misused ultimate (and hero).

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