Orisa’s juggernaut journey

Overwatch5 - Orisa’s juggernaut journey

Code is T6H67

Version 1.1 is here with several balance updates to change and tune the gamemode accordingly.

general updates

Added difficulty scaling for Orisa’s health based on the number of players there are on the team.

1 to 2 players will have the Orisa’s health set to 11250

3 to 4 players will have the Orisa’s health set to 18000

5 or more players will have the Orisa’s health set to the full amount of 2250

Torb summon rates have been adjusted accordingly

Fixed allowing players on team 2 and causing hiccups and glitches

Added a water mark… I think you know why

Hero updates


Now reacts instinctively upon granitic flux’s activation

Significantly reduced projectile speed

Comments: With the nature of Sigma’s ultimate, he proved to be far too strong against her and resulted in games being over quickly due to it. This change still leaves a small window of opportunity for the sigma to pull it off though the chances are extremely low. Her projectile is also getting a significant reduction in terms of its speed as to make sure she isn’t too oppressive at long ranges.


Significantly reduced how frequently he can get his ult

Comments: With how his ultimate functions, even with the change listed above, him getting it frequently meant he would have many tried at 2 shotting the Orisa. This should tone down how often it appears throughout the journey.



Slightly reduced how frequent he can get his ult

Comments: Whilst this change was not considered at first, tests showed that when the Orisa was summoning repairman, Mccree could use his ultimate to lock onto both the tombs and the orisa at an angle where all the shots would hit the orisa at the same time, causing tremendous damage. This change does not necessarily reduce the power of his ultimate, but instead reduces how often it comes up in game.


Reduced ammo count from 5 to 4

Significantly reduced range

Comments: The nature of junkrat’s primary allows him to bounce his grenades off of floors and ceilings, and whilst that wasn’t a problem in normal games, it proved to be a massive advantage, in allowing him to attack the orisa out of sight and without having to take any damage at all, allowing him to very easily build up his ultimate. This change not only aims to reduce how often his ultimate comes up, as well as his damage output, but to also force him to engage in more direct combat with the Orisa.

Feedback on this would be appreciated

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