Overwatch character idea (Fan concept) Let me know what you think!

Overwatch6 - Overwatch character idea (Fan concept) Let me know what you think!

Painajainen – Overwatch Assassain (Damage)


150 normal HP but 100 adaptable shield that regenerates over a period of time (total health is 250HP)

Weapon: Wrist gatling- deploy a pocket sized wrist weapon that has 40 total bullets, 20 per wrist.

Ability 1: Transmittance – Teleport onto a wall whichever direction you are facing, you cannot slide along the wall in any direction, however you can teleport to another wall or back to the ground when the ability is recharged but the ‘jumps’ don’t stack for more than 2 jumps at a time.

Ability 2: Titan Sphere – Throw a floating metal sphere in any direction that can be remotely detonated. The resulting explosion ends up acting like a shrapnel grenade and flying out in a 3d spherical direction.

Ability 3: Oscillator Mine – lay down a detector mine which gives the player a red outline for the 1 character that stepped on the mine. If you kill the target within 20 seconds, you can either regain 50% of your missing health or add 50 bonus adaptive shield which will decay after 20 seconds back down to its original 250HP value.

Ultimate: Rogue – You can target 1 person on the enemy team who will be ingrained and stunned in place where you target them, this is until nightmare is killed or the targeted character is killed.

Passives: whenever an enemy is looking away from the character it increases damage for melee attacks, incentivising flanking and going from behind. Temporarily turn invisible from enemies when on a wall position for more than 10 seconds until detached from the wall.



Name: Subject-1

Occupation: Contract Hitman/Assassin

Age: Unknown

Base of operations: Vaasa, Finland

Affiliation: Unknown

Omnic, Callsign: Subject-1 was a test Omnic developed before the Omnic crisis, the first of it’s kind. Developed by an unknown scientist, Subject-1 killed his creator because the creator did not know that the Omnic had developed emotions. He subsequently went rogue. Mourning the loss of his creator, he realised his true power and carried on killing, being a hitman for hire having multiple figure heads in Scandinavia assassinated.

Flying under the radar due to working solo and having little contact with commissioners, Subject-1 has not been discovered by any larger organisation like Talon and Overwatch; Meaning his reign of terror still continues. He is still confused and seeks answers regarding his sentient behaviours.


His current location and whereabouts is unknown, but sceptics say that he lurks in the factory where he was created waiting until the next time to strike.

Voice lines –

Spawn voice line/Hero select: ‘It only takes one mistake to misplace your sanity.’

Hello: Hei, Hello, Terve.

Ultimate voice line: Mene sekaisin ja tee karats. (Enemy) (English (Friendly): Go rogue and cause jeopardy.)

Acknowledge: Kyllä, Don’t repeat your instructions, Selvä.

Thank: Thanks, kiitos.

Nano boost: I felt this before… A long time ago.

Need healing: Can I get some healing? Healing, please? Need healing, NOW!

Ultimate status: 0-33%: ‘The clouds lurk further than I thought.’ 34%-99%: ‘Have you ever felt a sense of dread?’ 100%: ‘Time to go dark and cause mayhem.’

Respawn: -My job after all is to disappear and re-appear.-

-The black clouds linger ever so slightly closer.-

-The next hit, you will never see coming.-

-Confusion, chaos and sadness what changes?-

Hero change: Correct decision.

Sniper sighted: It seems snipers are stealthy, but not stealthy enough.’

On fire: 'They never saw it coming.’

Reinhardt dies before his finished charge: ‘Don’t come this way unless you want to die accidentally.’

Chatter to Zenyatta: 'I never see my kind, but when I do, they aren’t as fragile as you.’

Character defeat:

Orisa: ‘Looks like my technology is superior!’

Wrecking ball: ‘Why be half flesh and half robot when you can be full machine?’

Reaper: ‘Looks like you are vanishing back into the darkness.’

Bastion: ‘What a technologically engineered marvel, what a shame that better a marvel exists.’

Sombra: ‘I don’t think you understand the concept of stealth.'

Loot box voice lines:

‘Now you see me, wait… did you ever see me?’

‘I may have rust in my gears, but I’m more powerful than you expect.’

‘I am the father of the darkness.’

‘Oletko allapäin? Otappa keksi. (English: Are you down? Take a cookie.)

Let me know anything else you think of to implement!

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