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At this point we have 14 male heroes and 14 female heroes (and one "it") in Overwatch. I have read a lot of posts here and elsewhere claiming things like "Ashe is just a Widowmaker reskin", and previously "Brigitte has Mercy's face". I don't think this is accurate, so here's an album of GIF comparisons to demonstrate the actual variety in face models for Overwatch.

I previously said I'm a little ambivalent about this subject and that's still true. I think discussion can be had about this without hurting anyone's feelings and I don't think talking about character design is wrong, even for a game that makes a stated effort toward roster diversity. But no one looking honestly at the female heroes' faces would ever mistake them for each other. I'm not posting this to say hey, stop talking about this, but rather to give as neutral a basis for comparison as I can, rather than posting an opacity slider or super-fast animation that is obfuscating instead of illuminating the issues. This is in album form now since my previous attempt at this post tried to link everything individually and ended up kinda long.

Process Notes:

  • All images were taken on the Route 66 menu background.

  • Aimed for less animated expressions, like heroic emotes, "ready stances", or victory poses. Some heroes like Junkrat don't really have neutral/less animated expressions. Tracer's guns get in the way of her face during her "ready stance" which is her most neutral expression, so I had to use a victory pose instead.

  • The majority of non-human heroes or masked heroes are men, so I had to divide them into a set where those heroes are included and one where they are not. There is an argument that we have unmasked versions of 76, Reaper, etc, but those skins aren't their current appearance so I didn't think it was a reasonable point of comparison. I did put some "young" men comparisons at the bottom of the album.

  • For heroes where we have a current version of them without a mask (Pharah, Reinhardt), I posted their unmasked version. I had to use the Bedouin skin for Pharah's side view.

  • There is a shading glitch with high-resolution screenshots taken in the Gallery so some faces have patches of shadows or stubble-looking shadows. I'm not sure how to fix this, this has always been an issue with high-res screenshots taken by the game even across multiple computers.

  • McCree and Ashe have incomplete shading from their hats in their emotes/ready stances, and McCree has them in his victory poses too. RIP.

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