Overwatch heroes and their Enneagram Personalities

Overwatch2 - Overwatch heroes and their Enneagram Personalities

I'm sure someone has done this already, but I'm obsessed with the Enneagram. I assigned personalities based off of the Enneagram Institute's type descriptions and misidentifications. It was a fun activity to help me learn about the diverse personality types each number can contain. It would also help me guess people's types in real life based on similar Overwatch characters!

1s, or the Reformers, are characterized by their striving for efficiency and perfection, while expecting that others perform more or less to their standards.

Hanzo"Expect nothing less."
Pharah"Operating at maximum efficiency."
Reaper"Try to stick to the plan, Sombra."
Soldier"I don’t tolerate defeat, get on the attack now!"
Symmetra"Let us discuss your failures."

You would think that all healers are Helpers, but a true 2 usually expects something in return. They believe that others depend on them.

Mei"Everyone is counting on me."
Brigitte"I've stitched you up so many times, it's a wonder you can still fight."
Mercy"Sometimes I'm not sure why I even bother."

3s, or Achievers, are not only workaholics, but want to be perceived as winners.

McCree"I don't much like losin'."
Orisa"It is my desire to become the hero Efi believes that I am."
Reinhardt"My tales of adventure and glory are all true!"
Ana"I wasn't cut out for retirement anyways."

Genji is the only 4, or Individualist, because most of his voicelines revolve around coming to terms with his identity.

Genji"Only here do I not feel outcast."

5s, or Investigators, value knowledge over feelings, because that is how they equip and protect themselves.

Sombra"If you hold the information, you hold all the cards."
Moira"What an interesting hypothesis."

6s, or Loyalists, are protective and hard-working, but cautious of unforeseen threats.

Torbjörn"It's like a culmination of a thousand of my worst nightmares!"
Zarya"How do I trust a man who is half machine?"

7s, or Enthusiasts, are the optimists of bunch. They avoid negativity and are always seeking adventure.

Junkrat"And I thought I was supposed to be the comic relief."
Tracer"Waiting's the hardest part!"
D.VA"I'm so jealous you get to go to all those places!"
Lúcio"I'm not hearing that noise."
Baptiste"Keep up that positive attitude."

8s are called Challengers because they are assertive and they welcome opposition. They don't want to be seen as vulnerable.

Ashe"My business, my rules."
Doomfist"Only through conflict do we evolve."
Widowmaker"Your emotions make you vulnerable."
Wrecking Ball"My turf."

9s, or Peacemakers, want to avoid conflict, so they tend to go along with others and are on the passive, quiet side.

Roadhog"Try and stay out of trouble for once."
Winston"I'll be right behind you, sir."
Zenyatta"If only human and omnic could learn to live in peace here…"

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