Overwatch is very forgiving to players who troll or rage quit, and unusually punishing to players who take it seriously.

Overwatch5 - Overwatch is very forgiving to players who troll or rage quit, and unusually punishing to players who take it seriously.

I apologize for the negative tone of this post, but I noticed a few elements of this game that seemed to be particularly annoying, especially considering the importance Overwatch places on good teamwork, and I wanted to share my thoughts on these matters, and hear what others think.

One thing that I found frustrating was the punishment for players who leave a game after another player had already left. While playing Competitive mode, I saw a message stating "A player has left the game. If you leave in the next X:XX you will receive a loss, etc."

Not to say the initial quitter gets a free pass, but the rest of the players in the game are essentially forced to remain in an incomplete game, lest they be punished for their teammate's rage quitting. Since Competitive mode doesn't seem to backfill players from the waiting room (at least not often), the rest of the match is simply left unbalanced. Players not happy about this must nonetheless keep on playing the match, either ending in an unsatisfying victory or an irritating defeat.

Furthermore, I've had a game be completely cancelled because more than one player left the match. It happened at least 5 minutes into the game, and every player was booted to the waiting room, just because some fools decided to rage quit. Everyone who stuck around was punished for that. Rather than backfill players who are already in the waiting room, Overwatch prefers to simply kick everyone out of the game, nullifying all progress made in that match. It also kicked me to the main menu, so I wasn't given the option to remain with the players on my team.

I'd prefer that the game fill these matches with waiting players, rather than either punishing others for leaving an unbalanced match, or kicking everyone out indiscriminately. These seem to be frustrating solutions to the problem.


Yet another strange "feature" is the limitation on avoided teammates. Apparently, you can only blacklist 3 players at a time (not to mention the blacklist has a 1-week time limit). This means that you are severely limited in your ability to avoid players who actively troll or sabotage the game. Unless you're lucky enough to have some extra Avoid slots, you're forced to deal with those players if you get matched with them again. As a result of this, I was matched three different times with the same player, who did nothing but stand in front of the enemy and emote in Competitive matches. Granted, they could be blocked via the PS4 system, but my problem is that Overwatch provides this feature as a seemingly helpful gesture, when in fact it is next to useless, and at worst insulting to the player who wants serious teammates. I'm not sure why they decided to limit our avoided players. It would've provided a good method of staying away from players without blocking them absolutely, which would cut them off from all communication or matching within other titles.

It's startling to see so many elements of the game that are, even if unintentionally, supportive of players who don't take it seriously. This is especially surprising considering how central teamwork is to the Overwatch design philosophy. Rage quitters and trolls have unusually great power here to sabotage the game, seemingly at the expense of everyone else.

What are your thoughts on these things? I find them annoying, but I don't follow the community or competitive scene closely enough to know any nuances of its culture. It could be that these things just fit in with Overwatch's current design, but to me they are pretty irritating and questionable. Anyway, thanks for reading, and forgive me if this came across as too negative. I do truly enjoy the game a lot.

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