Overwatch League returns April 4th with Stage 2. Here’s everything you need to know.

Overwatch8 - Overwatch League returns April 4th with Stage 2. Here's everything you need to know.

OWL Announcement:
what s new in stage 2 - Overwatch League returns April 4th with Stage 2. Here's everything you need to know.



OWL 2019 Season: Stage 2 begins Thursday April 4th and ends Sunday May 12th.

Ultimate Weekend: Dallas happens Week 4! Matches will be hosted by the Dallas Fuel at the Allen Event Center on April 27 – 28.

Changes to Stage 2

Match Length

Matches will officially be scheduled for 105 minutes, up from 90 minutes in Stage 1.

Map Order

Stage 4 changes the map order from C-H-A-E to C-A-H-E. Tiebreaker remains the same.


Map Pool

Ilios–>Lijiang Tower
AssaultTemple of Anubis–>Temple of Anubis
Horizon Lunar Colony–>Hanamura
Volskaya Industries–>Paris
HybridKing's Row–>King's Row
Numbani–>Blizzard World
Dorado–>Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Route 66–>Junkertown


Stage 2 will be played on Patch 1.34. Baptiste will also be available.

Player/Coach Notes

Eligible players

The following players turn 18 during Stage 2 and are eligible to play on their 18th birthday.

PlayerRoleTeamEligible date
Won-Jae "Rise" LeeSupportGuangzhou Charge (two-way)April 30th

Roster Changes prior to Stage 2

Full rosters prior to the beginning of Stage 1 can be found here.

Player/CoachRoleOld TeamNew TeamDate
Sang-hyeon "SASIN" SongDPS/FlexHangzhou SparkFeb 22
Caleb "McGravy" McGarveyTank/FlexFlorida MayhemFeb 22
Jae-min "ILLICIT" ParkDPSSeoul DynastyMarch 4
Sung-hyeok "Highly" LeeSupportSeoul DynastyMarch 4
Byung-chul "Moon" MoonHead CoachLA ValiantMarch 11
Yeonjoon "ArK" HongSupportNew York ExcelsiorWashington JusticeMarch 18
Daniel "dafran" FrancescaDPSAtlanta ReignMarch 28
Daniel "FunnyAstro" HathawaySupportAtlanta Reign (two-way)March 29

Overall Standings

PlaceTeamRecordMap Diff.
1stVancouver Titans7 – 0+18
2ndNew York Excelsior7 – 0+16
3rdPhiladelphia Fusion5 – 2+5
3rdToronto Defiant5 – 2+5
5thAtlanta Reign4 – 3+6
6thSan Francisco Shock4 – 3+5
6thSeoul Dynasty4 – 3+5
8thBoston Uprising4 – 3+3
9thDallas Fuel4 – 3
10thLos Angeles Gladiators3 – 4+1
11thGuangzhou Charge3 – 4-1
12thHouston Outlaws3 – 4-3
13thHangzhou Spark3 – 4-4
13thShanghai Dragons3 – 4-4
13thLondon Spitfire3 – 4-4
16thChengdu Hunters3 – 4-8
16thParis Eternal3 – 4-8
18thWashington Justice1 – 6-11
19thFlorida Mayhem1 – 6-12
20thLos Angeles Valiant0 – 7-9

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