Overwatch makes a big splash on PornHub yet again in 2018

Overwatch5 - Overwatch makes a big splash on PornHub yet again in 2018

Yes, it's that time of year again when PornHub drops a huge page of statistics for the filthy, curious, or plain bored to rifle through and make "Mmm? Oh. Huh." noises.

Skipping down to movie & video game characters (link obviously NSFW), Overwatch—unsurprisingly, if you've seen PornHub's stats for the last couple of years—features very prominently. What is somewhat surprising is that there's a new boss in town. They hail from Sweden, they're a big fan of pie*, and half the playerbase wants them deleted.

With 4,836,706 searches since early this year, Brigitte is the new #1 Overwatch character in the world of on-demand jazz video, and the #2 video game character overall. She is only beaten by Bowsette, who scored a whopping 34,687,477 searches since just September. It can be argued though that Bowsette has had the power of meme curiosity on her side and hasn't actually appeared in any games (at least, not ones which you can buy on store shelves…), so Brigitte is the top 'proper', actually official and released video game character.


For those who are unwilling or unable to click, the rest of the top 10 video game character list follows:
#3 Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 4,562,535
#4 Mercy (Overwatch) 3,244,331
#5 Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) 2,719,429
#6 Ashe (Overwatch) 2,664,521
#7 Mario (Super Mario) 2,661,412
#8 Widowmaker (Overwatch) 2,485, 363
#9 Calamity (Fortnite) 2,484,155
#10 Tracer (Overwatch) 2,452,661

I do think Ashe breaking into the top 10 after just one month is impressive. (Or, you know, as 'impressive' as these things can be in their own special sordid way.) D.Va, Mei, Sombra, and Pharah also all made the top 28 (no, I've no idea why they cut off the list at 28), with all except Pharah breaking over 1,000,000 searches.

Pour one out (not like that) for Ana, Moira, Zarya, Symmetra, all the men, animals, and all the Omnics, none of whom made the cut. It turns out Orisa x Hammond just doesn't do it for most people.

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So, congratulations(?), Blizzard. I hope your artists don't dwell on this too much when they design the next female Overwatch character.


*No, not cream.

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