[PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files

Overwatch7 - [PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files

In the game files I found unused voicelines for Luna that seem like they're interactions with the playable heroes that you can't hear in game for now as far as I know. So, since these can't be heard in game at the moment, this technically constitutes a leak, right?
D.Va   I hope we dont get banned - [PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files

I hope we don't get banned for this :S

player - [PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files

Video made by Discord user Snowflake#5979 from my discord server !


– Déjà de retour, Mme Guillard ? Contente de vous voir.

– Vous demandez souvent « Les Saisons de l’amour ». Ce titre doit avoir de l’importance pour vous.

– Vous me rappelez quelqu’un. Un autre moine, qui était venu me voir chanter.

– Bonjour, cousin. Le chat grimpe sur le mur et scrute.

– Le cabaret Luna est un havre où les omniaques peuvent être eux-mêmes.

– Quelle rareté ! Je n’avais jamais vu une créature comme vous.

– Oh, qu’il est mignon.

– (amusée) Vil flatteur.

– Si vous continuez à me regarder comme ça, je vais devoir vous demander de partir.

– La sortie est par là, très chère.

– Un cow-boy ! Je n’en avais vu que dans des films. Vous êtes loin de chez vous, dites-moi.

– C’est rare de rencontrer un humain que la réussite d'un omniaque ne trouble pas. – Je ne vous effraie pas, au moins ?

– Vous me dévisagez, ma jolie. Vous aimez ce que vous voyez ?

Here's the translation and my guess as to who she's saying these to

– Back already Mme Guillard ? Happy to see you (to Widowmaker)

– You often ask for « Les Saisons de l'amour » (The Seasons of love). This song must mean something to you. (to Widowmaker?)

– You remind me of someone. Another monk, who came to hear me sing. (to Zenyatta, about Mondatta)

– Good day cousin. The cat climbs on the wall and watches. (Cousin? This sounds like a secret phrase with a hidden meaning, this is not a french saying)

– Cabaret Luna is a haven where omnics can be themselves. (???)

– Such rarity ! I've never seen a creature like you. (to Winston/Hammond or a future hero?)

– Aw, he is so sweet. (to Hammond in response to something Hammond had his mech say for him?)

– Oh you flatterer (addressed to a man). (to Reinhardt? Maybe McCree?)

– If you keep on looking at me this way, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. (to Zarya? Maybe Torbjörn?)

– The exit is right this way, my dear (addressed to a woman). (Zarya?)

– A cow-boy ! I've only ever seen cowboys in movies. You're far from home, aren't you. (to McCree)

– It is so rare to meet a human unfazed by a successful omnic. I am not scaring you, right ? (Genji?)

– You're staring at me, gorgeous(addressed to a woman). Do you like what you see ? (???)

As far as I can tell, the heroes involved in those interactions don't have voicelines to go with Luna's but if someone out there has access to the gamefiles as well, feel free to make sure ! Together we are strong !

So Mondatta came to see Luna. She sounds like a proud advocate for omnic rights, it makes sense that Mondatta met her. Perhaps she's part of whatever movement Mondatta was the leader of. Her cabaret seems to be a refuge for omnic revolutionaries too, I wonder if the revolutionary movement of Paris is part of something bigger, something that might be linked to whatever Mondatta was doing.

Widowmaker is a regular there apparently, she seems to always ask for the same love song, perhaps her and Gérard's favorite, proof that she still has feelings for him and is mourning him, her own way. In Masquerade, before heading to Monaco, she was in Paris. She took a flight from Paris to Nice as the boarding pass in Château Guillard indicates, Masquerade took place during the winter time (the carnival in Venice happens in February) so apparently she spends the winter in Paris and she goes to Luna's Cabaret quite often to listen to the same song over and over again. Poor Amélie.

I wonder who the "rare creature" is. I doubt it's Winston. There isn't a lot of super-intelligent talking gorillas/scientists out there (I assume) but he was part of Overwatch and as such he probably got such a media exposure that anyone would instantly recognize him. It could be Hammond, but "creature" doesn't feel right. He's very clearly an animal not a "creature". An animal 10 times the normal size he should have but an animal still. Perhaps this voiceline is for a future hero, one that would better fit this creature description.

I wonder who Luna is calling "cousin" too. An omnic? She would probably call him brother. Cousin sounds like she considers that person as part of her "family" but they're not that close, so perhaps a pro-omnic human? Either way, this person seems to be in on a secret Luna has, this cat stuff is suspicious.

Luna has 4 voicelines about cats.

– Good day cousin (addressed to a man). The cat climbs on the wall and watches. (unused)


– The cat climbs on the wall and watches. From this height he's not afraid to fall.

– If you followed the cat, you're in the right place my friends.

– Like a cat, one can tame me and I always land on my feet.

On the left, real promotional poster for the cabaret Le Chat Noir from 1896, on the right a poster that can be seen in Luna's cabaret as well as in the bakery

I wonder what the arrow near the omnic cat's tail could mean. Maybe it has to do with the whole "following the cat" thing. Maybe you have to follow the arrow on the poster to get somewhere secret.

Following the cat, a cat watching from up high, climbing the wall, this all sounds like the type of things a secret society would say. Coded phrases. It makes all the more sense when you take into account the omnic revolution that is brewing.

22904915 - [PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files


"Expect traffic delays and increased security presence near the Maison Marat over the weekend. A grand gala is being held to celebrate the recent passage of controversial omnic rights legislation."

You better believe this new omnic rights legislation isn't the kind that grants omnics any more rights, very likely the opposite. Otherwise, why would omnics organize themselves in secret revolutionary groups?

"Paris is a city of hidden gems, search out the speakeasies and hidden places as you roam the city. The right word might get you into a place you never knew existed. "

Maybe "the right word" has to do with cats. And mustn't be told to the door with all the graffitis, but to Luna directly? I can't think of a voiceline involving cats, or of anyone from our current roster of heroes who would feel like joining omnic revolutionaries. Well, except Sombra maybe. Ultimately, I think we're on the wrong track if we think using voicelines in different parts of the map will get us anywhere.

Back in the day, on Dorado, Bastion used to have a special voiceline when he would get close to a screen showing that the system had been hacked by Sombra as if he had gotten hacked as well. That was neat. Perhaps some heroes have special voicelines after they played a song on the piano or after they interacted with Luna or the door in a certain way. Time will tell I'm sure. Someone is bound to randomly notice something , like always.

Seeing as how those interactions Luna has with heroes haven't made their way into the game for now, I wouldn't be surprised if whatever the developers are teasing about the map won't be added to Paris until a further patch !

Bonus lore :

The police woman's voice that can be heard around the police station has 12 voicelines, 6 are just pure walkie talkie static and the other 6 are :

-Toutes les unités disponibles à l'Hotel Beau Ciel. Une cellule de la résistance omniaque s'y cache. Soyez prudents.

-Code 5. Suspect Jamison Fawkes repéré. A toutes les unités disponibles.

-Suspect repéré dans la librairie Carpentier. Voss, omniaque féminin d'1m60.

-Code 5. Suspect Mako Rutledge repéré. Le suspect n'est pas seul.

-Agent Bilodeau, répondez.



-All units available to the Beau Ciel Hotel. A pocket of omnic resistance is hiding there. Be careful.

-Code 5. Suspect Jamison Fawkes spotted. To all available units.

-Suspect spotted inside the Carpentier bookstore. Voss, female omnic, 1m60.

-Code 5. Suspect Mako Rutledge spotted. The suspect is not alone.

-Agent Bilodeau, respond.


Voss means fox in northern german. What a fantastic name. So badass and unique. Maybe she's the female omnic whose mugshot we can see in the police station

A cross? Hmmm

Bilodeau is a french family name that comes from the name Billaud which may come from germanic word Biliwald meaning (likeable, gentle).

The french police
Ten code - [PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files

seems to be using this system of communication so Code 5 simply means "Relay this information".

They're smart enough NOT to get too close to Junkrat and Roadhog, they're just relaying the information of their presence ^^

That's all I have for today !

If you enjoyed this and want to join the discussion and go on a hunt for clues, feel free to join my discord server !

SkVvhJN - [PARIS LORE] I found unused interactions for Luna in the game files

A thousand thanks to Snowflake for making the video !

I hope I didn't do a major oopsie by revealing these unused voicelines and spoiled something :S

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