Partner Puzzles 2!

Overwatch8 - Partner Puzzles 2!

General Information

Partner Puzzles is back with its second edition! A simple puzzle gamemode designed for you and a friend to find your way to the exit (green vortex effect) by interacting with the assets found within each map. Challenges test your thinking skills and require you to decipher what to do with the little information provided. The gamemode will start once both players have spawned in. The challenges present in this preset are designed to be harder than the previous one. If you find these to be too challenging, you can switch the difficulty at any time. On the easier difficulty, extra hint text will appear in situations where the outcome is vague and the standard hint text is reworded to be more straightforward. Special thanks to Parachor for their assistance in coming up with challenge concepts (again).



Never open a lobby with this preset loaded to the public: it is NOT programmed to accommodate players leaving/joining. DOING SO MIGHT BREAK THE MODE.Never add more than 2 players. MOST CHALLENGES MIGHT NOT WORK OR ALL DIFFICULTY IN THEM DISAPPEARS INSTANTLY

Recovering Lost Progress

If you experience a problem (such as the gamemode crashing) and as such lose your progress you can use the "Force Specific Challenge" dev tool in the workshop.

  1. Enable the rule "Force Specific Challenge (DEV TOOL)" by ticking the box next to it then clicking the button with the two circles at the top of the editor
  2. Change the challenge variable to be the challenge you were up to
  3. Disable the "Start Gamemode!" rule (as a side effect, the "waiting for other player" text will persist)
  4. If the challenge is past 10 enable the actions to spawn the dummy bot and the action below it (if the challenge is 13, it is not needed)
  5. Start the game then once both players have spawned, host must press crouch and interact at the same time

Other Information

In case you miss some information explained in the gamemode the following will reiterate these messages:

  • Switches are toggled, stand inside one to activate it and leave to deactivate it
  • Touch the purple orb to collect it
  • Walk into the purple ring-like effect to place the orb inside
  • Change the difficulty by pressing Interact & Ultimate simultaneously

Known Issues

  • It is pitifully easy to break the demonstration by walking at any time
  • Challenge 6 rarely breaks, letting players traverse freely when they should not be able to
  • Sometimes the dummy bot in challenge 10 will spawn in the wrong position
  • If challenge 12 is forced, certain assets will not appear (they are not necessary to complete the challenge)
  • While loading a challenge players will begin soaring as the encasement attempts to throw them back in bounds
  • It is possible to move out of position during the end sequence

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