Please report people to keep Overwatch what it is supposed to be!

Overwatch2 - Please report people to keep Overwatch what it is supposed to be!

I played a competitive match today in which my team had a person leave (attack on Hanamura) and there was not a lot of time left, it was pretty clear it was a loss. I shadow stepped to the left part where there was a Zenyatta waving at me, we quickly became best friends. I sent him a message stating thanks for adding some enjoyment to a loss. We then were in the next match together and he stated that after this match, not to queue up as he was going to throw (I take it he was not throwing THIS match because of our long standing friendship). I asked him why and he said because he wanted to play with his friends who were too low to play with him. I queued up after regardless and he was on the enemy team. He was D.va never used defense matrix, waved hello the whole time and would shoot on occasion. I tried to encourage my team to all report this person (stating it was in our advantage today, could be our team tomorrow, how crappy this is to do to people who are trying, etc.) no one cared, despite all acknowledging he was doing this. They said it wasn’t a big deal, and that everyone does it. It made me lose so much hope in the community of my favorite multiplayer game to date. Please use the report system when it is necessary to keep this game alive and wholesome!


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