[Random Fact] Torbjörn’s Viking Shield bears an Icelandic protective Sigil

Overwatch3 - [Random Fact] Torbjörn's Viking Shield bears an Icelandic protective Sigil

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Sigil on the left extracted from the game files

Vegvisir, an Icelandic protective sigil that ensures its bearer always finds their way even through a storm.

The oldest trace of Vegvisir we have is the Huld Manuscript/mode/2up), written in 1860, likely based on older copies of older manuscripts. We don’t know for sure that “vikings” were familiar with that sigil but we can safely assume so.

Vegvisir is a variation of another more famous sigil : Ægishjálmr aka the Helm of Awe.


Where Vegvisir helps people stay on course and reach their destination safely no matter the circumstances, Ægishjálmur strikes fear in the heart of their enemies and give them the strength to overcome anything in battle.


Apparently, Torbjörn is more worried about getting lost than about triumph in battle. Can one assume the Blizzard devs picked Vegvisir over Ægishjálmur to hint at Torbjörn’s internal struggle and fear of losing control in a storm (which he’s already done, in a way, when the omnics he helped create turned on humans)? Does Torbjörn need a compass to guide him through hard times?

I don’t know about canon Torbjörn, but Viking Torbjörn sure seems superstitious (like most “vikings”).

Maybe they just picked Vegvisir because it looked more unique and badass whereas Ægishjálmur looked cool but kinda generic?

Either way, I love this kind of attention to detail. Blizzard goes above and beyond when it comes to lil details like this one that make the worlds they build pop. It keeps people like me busy and amazed :3

I set up a Discord server for people with too much time on their hands and a will to believe there's something out there just waiting to be found, if you're the curious type and you love to discover neat little things like that in the game, you should consider joining 🙂

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There's always more details to notice and the more people actively looking, the more things get discovered !

Imagination is the essence of discovery !

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