Second controversial opinion of the day: Mercy’s kit will not last long term as Overwatch evolves and she will need another rework.

Overwatch10 - Second controversial opinion of the day: Mercy's kit will not last long term as Overwatch evolves and she will need another rework.

I personally am of the opinion that she will need reworking again in like a year, because right now she still needs buffs to her healing because she struggles to function as a main healer (often requiring an Ana or Moira to heal with) and she isn't really settled into a firm niche. But buffing her anymore runs the risk of bringing back the Moth Meta.

And no buffing dps won't fix her, yes the Meta doesn't favour her right now but her design has been godawful from day 1 and tweaking numbers every meta change is less productive than just fixing her to have a really solid niche.

Rambling Tangent

Her kit isn't designed to be a pocket healer.

Context for what I think makes a pocket healer.

Pocket healers always have an ability to become linked to their pocketed ally and their kit gets buffs for being partnered. They are good single target healers- with consistent but not very strong healing as a passive ability (which is usually attached to their ability to link to an ally) and sometimes they can provide a burst of healing with another ability. I emphasize them healing passively because pocket healers have interesting gameplay based on them using their other abilities to buff/protect their partner and debuff enemies. Mercy being unable to dps or use other abilities whilst healing makes her a terribly designed pocket healer as her gameplay becomes holding M1 and flicking to M2 when she plays as a pocket healer and her mobility+resurrect are better for team play as they focus on her spreading her resources to the team.

Pocket healers can allow their pocket to do increased dps, they provide CC to protect their pocket/deter flankers, and they typically have defensive ults that prevent people from dying.

In conclusion Mercy is not a pocket healer but because she's the only healer with the ability to pocket she seems fine, except for the glaring problem that playing her as a pocket healer is mind-numbingly boring to most of her playerbase.

(As a side note I'd love to have an actual pocket healer in Overwatch- I may just design one later).

Mercy isn't a great main healer design either.

Especially after her healing nerf, but unlike most main healers Mercy struggles to heal her tanks and whilst her gameplay is designed around flying to her teammates and juggling her healing which is fun. Resurrect on her E is taking up a main healing utility space, as impactful as resurrect is it's not useful in the midfight where main healers should shine as they use their abilities to sustain their team through the changing damage or CC the enemy to protect them, a more useful ability to solidify Mercy as a main healer would be something that allows her to amp up her healing temporarily or a damage reduction ability to protect her teammates from death.

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The utility of resurrect helps to snowball or prevent snowballing by giving Mercy's team more numbers and whilst there is use to be had with resurrect it pales in comparison to an ability that actively changes the outcome of a team fight before someone dies.


In my opinion Valkyrie sucks as a support ult in general, it cannot be effective as a defensive ult, it can be used to give her team an edge as long as the other team doesn't have ults -and with her buff to ult charge she can get it faster.

However Valkyrie gives Mercy the midfight impact of other supports as an ult. (Small note that Moira lacks even the utility of Valkyrie but firmly shines as an AOE burst healer so whilst I acknowledge Mercy has more than 1 support in the roster I still think she has a weird power spread in her kit that needs addressing).

More importantly Valkyrie is a really bad initiation ult because it lacks a focused purpose that your team knows what to do with it.


Coalescence: people just line up to be healed and will charge in a straight line to stay within the beam so you can direct people to go all in or support your team from behind them when the other team pushes in to your team.

Nanoboost: the person hit will instantly start shooting/ulting to not waste it because they know they've just got a 50% damage increase, 50% damage reduction and a 300 HPS burst heal.

Kled's ult in league- gives everyone following him a movement speed increase so they can charge at the enemy.

Furia's ult in paladins, grants movement speed and damage buff in a crazy large radius so your team knows to hunt people down and shoot them.

Valkyrie: your team pussyfoots around because 60 HPS won't save them from focus fire so there's little incentive to charge in especially when it provides no gap closer to reach the other team faster and take less damage, you need to remind people you are group damage boosting so they can use it- and because you aren't just leaving your team with 30% damage boost and are flicking on to healing or flying off to shoot at something else this isn't consistent across Mercy players for your team to instantly know what to do when Mercy ults. Basically you end up using it as a win harder ult because you use it to follow up on someone else's initiation rather than being proactive with it- it just does too many little things and not one focused thing.

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Yes you can occasionally do work with Valkyrie when the stars align and your team follows up on your ult/ or you go full battle Mercy and pressure the enemy team away, but the main consistent value of Valkyrie is keeping Mercy alive- Mercy the healer with the best survivability in the game.

End of Tangent

TL;DR I think there are a lot of flaws with her current design which is leading a lot of people to find her kit unfun to use. And her most effective abilities and most effective playstyle generally run counter to what is fun to use.

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