Smurfs are ruining Overwatch on PS

Overwatch1 - Smurfs are ruining Overwatch on PS

I think somebody might have already talked about this…but I'm just so very frustrated!

Comp in PS is just so broken at this point. And I personally think that it's solely because of thousands of smurfs in the lower ranks. Currently every rank is completely corrupted by smurfs. I guess almost every single top500 or GM player has at least two or three smurfs at their disposal.
Games basically come down to which team has the better or worse smurfs. You either get the insane once that just carry your game without the rest of the team even having to do much, or you get smurfs that use these accounts to practise heroes they'd never play on their main. Some also simply throw for the lols.

The issue is simply that they don't care.

They don't care about team comp. They don't care about getting reported. They don't care about winning. They don't care about loosing. It's not their main so it doesn't matter to them. Some of them even only play a single hero on their smurf (Doomfirst or Torb. for example) and refuse to switch of it no matter what.
If they get reported or banned, they just switch to one of their other smurfs and simply go on.
On the other hand, a team of "honest" plats or diamonds simply can't compete against a Top500 Pharah or Widow. If you get a Top500 Pharah against you, you basically lost. Sure a Top500 McCree might counter this Pharah easily but Hitscans on lower ranks are simply not as skilled! There is a reason for lower ranks! We are simply not as skilled as higher rank players that's why our rank is lower.


The biggest joke is, that these people often care so so much about the rank of their main, that they don't dare to do anything that could harm it. But they don't give a sh*t about the ranks of all the people below GM. They just laugh it off after they deliberately lost their team a game. It's not their main so who cares?

And I know that there are also smurfs who use these accounts to play with their friends in lower ranks but it still doesn't change the fact that a huge skill gap remains.

I really think that Blizzard has to adress this issue – even though I kinda know that it won't change anything. Blizzard cares mostly about PC-Overwatch. We don't get much attention. But this just has gotten to a point where comp is basically not playable anymore since SR doesn't represent the skill level anymore.

I really love this game and I'd love to keep playing it. But what is the point if it's not about which team has the better team comp or executes their plays better but only about which team gets the good or bad smurfs?

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