Some Important Info from the Dev Q&A that didn’t make news rounds and people might have missed.

Overwatch8 - Some Important Info from the Dev Q&A that didn't make news rounds and people might have missed.

Here's the link I got from the COW subreddit, for anyone who wants to watch the whole thing – https://youtu.be/FCjSfyPaj14

Most important info that I haven't seen going around –

1st – OW and OW2 will be on the same client. OW2 owners will have exclusive access to all the heroes' 'New looks' (The new default skins), both OW and OW2 owners will have access to the 'Classic Default' skins for all heroes. For new heroes that will come with OW2, I'd assume they'll just have one Default skin and everyone will have access to those.

2nd – Only thing OW2 owners will have exclusive access to is all the PvE stuff and the 'New looks'. This includes Story missions, all of the PvE progression, Hero missions and PvE cosmetics (More on this below).

3rd – PvE will also have a Cosmetics Reward Progression system and 'A lot of comsetic rewards' in Jeff's own words. This I think they should have mentioned on the main stage but didn't for whatever reason (Probably business).

4th – On New maps and Heroes – They said that OW2 will launch with multiple new maps for all PvP game modes so at the very least 10 (5×2) according to simple maths. Of which they've shown 4 (Not including the ones they might've shown in the gameplay cinematic but didn't officially reveal). For heroes they said they'll release a bunch with OW2 (For a big impact) but not quite as much as how many OW originally launched with (21). They'll release at least 1 new hero before OW2 releases.

5th and last important thing I can remember from the video – The current hero ability upgrade system is only a small part of the PvE progression system that will be in the final game. Also, someone asked if heroes' looks will change depending on the ability upgrades they have equipped and they said no.


Smaller but still important stuff for a lot of people –

• They said that currently they have no plans to rework any existing hero but OW2 is still a ways away and such a big release is a good time to reconsider everything so their stance on reworks can change. Lead engineer said 'It's a pain in the ass' technically.

• Hero missions will be playable on every single map that exists in the game with all the different enemy types they'll have (Talon, Null sector, whatever else) and with every single hero in the game. They'll have different objectives, 3 examples they said were 'Holdout', 'Kill the Lieutenant' and 'Escort'. Probably the types they are internally working on, not set in stone.

• Story missions will have a curated roster, they are experimenting with more choices depending on the mission.

• After all the things they cleared up, they gave another weird answer about OW being updated to the updated engine. Lead Engineer said that it'll get updated, doesn't know if it'll be the day-of (release of OW2) or before or after. Which makes no sense to me as it'll have to be the same day or how will corssplay work. The same guy himself said that it'll be a single client earlier in the Q&A.

• Someone asked if original OW owners will get a discount on OW2 purchase or anything like that and Jeff said that no monetisation decisions have been made yet.

• You'll be able to get into the training range with your friends while in Queue with the next PTR patch that'll come next week.

• More PvE story content will release post OW2 launch.

• No yes or no for Crossplay and Corss-progression, they said they are looking at it.

Might've forgotten some stuff, lemme know.

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